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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Warrior Song

I know this has been around (HT: Protein Wisdom, link
It needs to be around some more

To Sergeant Kimberly Munley...

The mere woman who took down mighty Muslim Jihadi Malik Nadal Hasan...

Hasan, you worthless waste of your daddies' curdled sperm, you were beaten in single combat by an infidel woman. When you die, either from the wounds she gave you or the noose, Allah will spit you from His mouth...

UPDATE: Ovaries of solid steel

Who Thought This Could End Well?

Who thought this could possibly end well? Chris Dodd, the Oldest Living Sexual Predator in the US Senate, was invited to emcee the Ladies' Professional Golf Association Open. After the Senator WILDLY misunderstood the event's title, several players complained of serious dress code violations arising from Dodd's participation in the event.

Tucson Tea Party Victory

Tax happy Councilwoman ousted!

Rule 5 Weekend Workout!

For all us armchair athletes and wireless mouse musclemen...

Friday Night Protest Signs!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Rule 5 A-List Striptease: The Dirty Vicar!

Democrat Congressional Staffer assaults woman in boss's office...

...in front of witnesses and video, and lies about it.

Apparently it's not a Democratic bug, it's a feature.

Chris Dodd is so proud.

Hasan, Islam and Murder

You're going to hear a lot over the next few days about whether Hasan was acting like a true Muslim or not. See what the Koran has to say about it for yourself.


Given this "man's" performance evaluations and the statements he is on record as making, what was he still doing in the army? A caucasian or Christian officer with a track record of making similar comments would have had a Form 201 that could have ended the career of General MacArthur...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Muslim Gunman Malik Nadal Hasan Shoots 43

... and the at first the media refuse to even his name, his religion or his calls to oppose this nation by force.

Not Chris Matthews
Not Shepherd Smith

Wolf Blitzer speculates that this Damascus University-graduate psychiatrist was a gang member

If it wasn't for the freaking internet we'd have no idea what really happened out there...

UPDATE: Hasan is still alive. Keep him that way. Then we can rendition him. Wet towels my ass.

How is it that anywhere on this planet the Religion of Peace bumps up against another culture, people bleed?

FURTHER UPDATE: Even Google is trying to bury this story. Google Images "Malik Nadal Hasan" and see what comes up.

American Soldier

via Ace of Spades.

Not one of Shakespeare's "all unspotted soldiers", not one of Hollywood's robot killers. The guy next to you in the ranks, warts and all. Worth a read.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Senator Cornyn Gets a Clue...!

National Republican Senate Committee to Stop Bankrolling Candidates in contested state primaries.

And a certain Aegean catamite on ABC insists NY-23 was a big defeat for Sarah Palin.

Yuh-huh. Bagged one RINO, and sent the NRSC scrambling off a position the base hated.

Please, defeat her like that some more.

BTW, her book is back at #1 on Amazon...

Gay Harvard Law School Grad Sets Fire to 9/11 Chapel in NYC

... and suddenly I feel kinder towards the great state of Maine...

... as I've said before, I'm not reasonable on the subject of 9/11. But I'm perfectly rational and LIKE HELL will I put up with this shit.

I hope this punk winds up flipping burgers for the rest of his life, but I have no doubt that the old boy network of his fiscally and morally bankrupt alma mater will bail him out,

GM.gov blows German deal!

Smartest President Evah bilks German government out of billions, German workers out of thousands of jobs.

Angry German government promises to recover billions in bridge loans from GM and US.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A bad night for Barry...

"Holy S***! Look at all the F***in' Indians!"

I'd have hidden in my room and watched TV, too.

New Jersey -- Republican governor, in spite of everything Obama and SEIU could do to save it for Corzine... and by a higher margin than the Republicans took the office in 1993.

Virginia -- Republican, from the Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General, and on down deep into the political structure of the state... and by a higher margin than Republicans took the office in 1993.

New York -- The GOP powerbrokers in the state and the NRCC humiliated by a spontaneous uprising of the base and the defection of their own million-dollar handpicked candidate (OUR million dollars, Republican voters) to the opposition party. Slow Joe Biden couldn't even fill a hall.

This was a good night for conservatives, GOP or independent. We won, against the Obama machine and the ineptitude and corruption of our own leadership. We won, because the voters heard the Democrat message and ours and chose ours.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Other McCain: NY23: Rumors swirlConfirmed

The Other McCain: NY23: Rumors swirlConfirmed

Here's a question no one's asking yet: "How many MORE of these Democrats-in-mufti have the bumbling apparatchiks of the RNC, NRCC and NRSC ALREADY put in office elsewhere?"

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