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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Robert Stacy McCain has noticed a never before revealed secret about Rick Santorum.  I KNEW there was something I liked about the guy...!

I don't need no menu, waitress,
The food ain't why I'm here.
This ain't no eatin' venue,
But you had me, hon, at beer.

Now I had some beer for breakfast
And I had some beer for lunch
Had a few between them,
(In LA they call that brunch).
Had some on the job today,
A little workplace cheer,
And if I should roam on my way home,
Some beer will help me steer.

That's how I met that roadhouse honey,
Said those words I want to hear.
She can't love me for my money,
Cuz I spent it all on beer!
But I think she left with someone else,
Or she's hiding in the can;
I guess she couldn't handle
A hot beer-drinkin' man.

So I took some beer out huntin',
Gonna shoot me up a bear.
Had a few up in the tree,
Did my huntin' from mid-air.
The ground was hard,
The Bear got scar'd,
The Rangers was amused:
It's gonna take a lot of beer
To fix what I got bruised.

Now don't talk to me about Cabernet,
Margaritas is just queer.
Rum and coke's a sissy joke,
And tequila makes me sneer.
Vodka's un-American,
So I drink the only drink I can.
Now lose that wine list baby doll,
And bring me another beer...

Well, I don't have that job no more,
My wife and kids steer clear. 
My pickup's stuck under this truck
(but they'll get me out of here).
But the Rangers took my shotgun,
And that bear knows where I live!
If I don't get a beer real soon,
Something's gonna give!

So I don't need no menu, waitress,
The food ain't why I'm here.
This ain't no eatin' venue,
But you had me, hon, at beer.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and a Cast of Thousands...

Presidential hopefuls tend to take credit for the efforts of their coworkers... When Newt Gingrich assumed the Speakership of the House, he was entering an environment where Congressional Republicans, including Rick Santorum and John Boehner (yeah, once upon a time) had already exposed the Democratic Culture of Corruption with their prosecution of the House Bank and Post Office scandals.  Their actions laid the groundwork for the expulsion of Democrat Speaker Jim Wright and the ascension of Newt Gingrich and his Contract with America.  Not to hear him tell it, of course, but...

Rick Perry boasts of the million jobs created during his tenure as Governor.  But the governorship of Texas is actually an office of fairly limited power, as critics of GW Bush liked to remind us.  The actual work of legislating in Texas is in the hands of the Legislature and Lt. Governor.  Perry can rightly take credit for providing leadership and a conscience to the government of Texas, but the state's financial strength has many fathers outside the Governor's mansion.

The point is not that either man is too fond of grabbing undeserved credit.  The point is that we the voters should not be looking for a man on a white horse (or big shiny moon rocket in Newt's case, maybe) to save us single-handedly.  No president we elect can success unless we the voter provide them with a legislative body that will cooperate in the execution of the public's will, as opposed to killing our hopes.  Without that, the greatest leader can rear his white horse and wave his sword all he wants on the path to futility,  With that, even a flawed president can create a legacy that will endure.

It's not on them.  It's on us.


Here are some  more pledges Newt needs to sign to convince me to support him.  Feel free to add your own!

Newt signs pledge to support fewer than 418 more bills that Nancy Pelosi wants. 
Newt signs pledge to not quit the White House in a huff the way he quit his Congressional seat. 
Newt signs pledge to not tap strategic oil reserve to cover Tiffany's tab. 
Newt signs pledge to not send all the decent white folks to space colonies. 
Newt signs pledge to not divorce 3rd wife when she gets sick.

Robert Stacy McCain takes mild exception to Barack Obama's 60 Minutes interview...

He appears under-impressed:

"Obamanomics is simply ignorance as the basis of policy. The more you know, the less you like it, and his only hope of re-election is to promulgate counterfactual ideas and persuade voters that they must choose between two lies: His dishonest characterizations of his own policies and his dishonest characterizations of Republican policies.
I hope he fails, because my blood-pressure can’t take another four years of listening to this guy lie."

Sunday, December 11, 2011

List of Information, Implication and Insinuation

Three Beers Later!

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