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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Know Your Breeds!

2012: Second Phase of Obama's High Speed Rail Plan Implemented As Al Qaeda Just Happens To Get Surface-to-Air Missiles!

2011: 20,000 Modern SAMS disappeared from Libyan Arms Depots...  As the plucky bands of Libyan freedom fighters (who are they again?) made them their first choice of loot.
Today, the nation's airlines continue to mothball their fleets in the face of a continued drop-off in demand...
...following the inexplicable but certainly completely coincidental and unrelated* destruction of three commercial jets at LAX, JFK, and Chicago-Midway airports... (*White House Press Office, 6/13/2012)

Leading to a crush of passenger demand on the nation's aging rail system as people return to the older form of long-distance travel.
In a dynamic and farsighted move, President Obama calls for new programs of high speed rail "to link everyone, everywhere in the nation, every hour of every day."
"Now some people say this can't be done," the President added.  "Some people say it's not physically practical.  Some people say it's just too darned expensive to do.  But I say we can do this and still add less than seven trillion dollars to the deficit."
White house spokesman Jay Carney added on background, "the thing is, everybody knows rail just isn't competitve with the automobile and flying as transportation, and that's true.  But remember the important advantage:  it also costs more.  So since way fewer people can afford to use it, we actually have to add way less carrying capacity than you might think, since people simply won't be moving."

Meanwhile Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced that he would be calling for Congress to pass an additional 25% levy on gasoline usage on top of the GM/Onstar Mileage Tax Act "which should substantially offset a very measurable part of this expense by the second or third year of President Obama's fourth term."  This comes on top of the Senate Democrats' push for a "Stuff Tax," i.e., an annual surcharge on "people's stuff."  "Everybody has something worth taxing," said MA Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dead Six is on the Stands...

Available at all major bookstores, and, of course, Amazon, B&N.com, and Baen Books.

Remember, co-author Mike Kupari is currently serving on EOD teams in Afghanistan.

It would be reasonably awesome if he could come home to a bestseller and half a large pile of money.  I'm just sayin'.

Oh, and it makes Tom Clancy look like a Brownie Scout...

Breaking Afghanistan News: Cheney Denies All Knowledge of Smitty!

Jamil al-Taqqiyah is a fiery young nonpartisan
journalist who regularly reports
for NBC, Al-Jazeera and the BBC.
Three Beers Later is proud to offer him
his first blogging venue.

Notorious former Vice President Dick Cheney today disavowed any knowledge of Lt. Commander Smitty, late of Afghanistan and back at his nominal post at The Other McCain:
"WHAT THE F***?!  Who have you been talking to?
Where did you hear that s***?  You WILL tell me..."
Cheney denied reports that Smitty had in fact been part of a crucial action in the Afghan theatre, as part of an elite detachment from Seal Team Hat Size Six, the covert special operations unit repeatedly outed by principled leftwing bloggers as the Vice President's personal assassination squad, but since redeemed in the public eye of all decent Americans by President for Life Obama's willingness to let them assist Our Glorious Leader in his heroic take-down of Osama bin Laden.
Mothers, look away, for this is Death,
Lt. Commander Smith, seen below on the prow of his personal flagship, led a spirited naval action that comprehensively reduced the Taliban's naval capacity in the Afghan mountain districts.
No less distinguished a publication than "Soundings", the journal of the American Naval Institute, writes, "Not since the heroic transvestites of the Royal Navy drove the Kaiser's fleets from Lake Tanganyika during the First World War to give us a great Humphrey Bogart movie has a naval exploit had such an inexplicable impact."
Below, the gallant officer explains his triumph in his own inimitable words: 
When asked what such an indomitable warrior as this unstoppable killing engine might be doing back in the United States, Cheney merely replied coyly: "With an asset like Smitty, I imagine you wouldn't send him somewhere his skills weren't needed..."

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

North Carolina Governor Bev Purdue  (D- No Kidding?) has called for suspending elections so Congress can work on the nation's problems without constant interruptions by those pesky voters.

You know, the problems those politicians have been so busy causing in the first place as they loot this country like the Visigoths looted Rome...

Although the governor's press monkey later claimed the governor was joking, even though she called for her audience to join her in demanding it, I think she might actually have been onto something.

Bev is a politician AND one of our problems.  Let's suspend her.  Here's a handy tree...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Get Your Free Obama Bumper Sticker!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hey Cowboy, Stop Treating the Border Like a "Border State Thing..."*

"If you say that we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than they have been brought there by no fault of their own, I don't think you have a heart." — Rick Perry

And if you think you were elected governor so you could feel good about yourself and better than us, I don't think you have a head, Governor.

Tuition support for indocumentados illegal immigrants, Governor, you keep forgetting that first word, is a magnet, one of the things that draws them across the border to Texas (and now California, God help us, like they need more encouragement.) 

You may not know this — and I suspect that will become a recurring theme of this piece — but the young people of your state are already being badly served by your state university system.  Your state colleges are already passing over native students of all races with their in-state tuition discounts in favor of actively recruiting more profitable out of state students. Now you decide to add another favored class, financially subsidizing a privileged group that, let's face it, most liberal college leaderships will feel ideologically challenged to give preference to in any case.

College admission is a zero-sum game, Governor.  There are only so many seats. And anything you do that adds difficulty for the legally-resident kids of your state, regardless of race, creed or color, is simply wrong.  I understand you were handed a fait accompli by the Texas State Legislature, but that doesn't mean you have to like it, defend it or insult the people who disagree with you.

Illegal Immigration, Governor, in case you weren't aware of this, is a complication that metastizes across every other issue you claim to be addressing effectively.

Has your crack campaign staff told you that 40% — nearly half if you can't do that math with your custom Lucchese boots on — of the jobs you boast of Texas having created have gone to illegal immigrants?  Sure, those are the crappy, low-end jobs, most likely.  But do you know who that hurts?  The legally-resident children of Texas, Governor, black, white, brown and yellow.

Do you know what those crappy, low-end jobs are Governor?  They're the first jobs, the starter jobs, the jobs that introduce the kids of your state to working for a living,to dealing with bosses, coworkers and customers,  to taking home a paycheck, to spending and saving and making budgets and paying your salary.  They're crummy jobs, by and large, the kinds the kids take — used to take — on summer vacations, between semesters, over the holidays.  Delivering pizza, working the McD's counter, working for their uncle's gardening firm, low-end, low-pay, vitally important jobs at that stage of the kids' lives.

Only now when they go to apply for those jobs, they're being done by — guess who? — middle-aged indocumentados who ain't moving on, up or out to make room for a new generation of workers.  What does that tell the kids about how much Texas and you value their futures and well-being, governor?

You know who really hates this, Governor?  Hispanics.  You know why? Because it's their kids being affected the most.  Indocumentados don't really threaten my job; not too many folks scoot under the fence down in San Ysidro to annotate Restoration comedies.  But Hispanic parents hate illegals — and they do — because they see their kids' jobs being handed over to these intruders.  It's their kids' futures being cut short.  You could have an Hispanic kid whose family has been in Texas since Seguin and Los Tejanos fought at the Alamo, and he will not be able to get a job if an employer can get away with hiring an indocumentado who will work for less, under worse conditions and take more crap because he has to.

Healthcare?  Have you been to any city emergency room in Texas, governor?  The indocumentados place a huge load on emergency services for basic health care... health care that in too many cases they do not pay for.

Respect for law?  Tell me how sanctuary cities encourage respect for law.  Tell me how you condemning Arizona for trying to uphold the law encourages respect for the law.

Actually crime?  How many Houston PD officers were wounded or killed by indocumentados since 2006, Governor?  How many statewide?

And finally, Governor, stop treating the border like a "border state thing" because we're behind your border and the indocumentados move on to our states as well.  If they were just setting down and squatting in CA, AZ and TX, maybe you'd be justified in embracing your inner Huckabee and doing what feels good no matter how many cops it kills, but they don't and you're not.  Act like a national political figure or get out of the race.

*Props to Dave in Texas over at Ace of Spades for the inspiration...

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