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Friday, July 3, 2015

Say What?!

 WalMart likes to present itself as "America's store," the "store for the "common man..." but sometimes they have a strange way of showing their affection for the customer base that has taken them to the top of the retail heap.

OK, sure, WalMart's customers can be sartorially and dietetically exceptional, as is evidenced by all those "people of WalMart" photo threads online... But dammit, WalMart, these people are giving you their money (or EBT cards).  A little courtesy wouldn't kill you.

It's bad enough that your in-house clothing line is called "Faded Glory", a subtle little dig by your Chinese suppliers that I guess we're supposed to be too clueless to get, but when you put out your annual line of festive 4th of July wear, what message exactly are you trying to send to your customers here....?

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