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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"Get Rubio" or "Get Rubio Nominated?"

Ann Althouse wrote today about the NYT's and the Democrats' suposed "Get Rubio" campaign.

I think it's more of a "Get-Rubio-Elected" movement. Do you think the veteran character assassins of the NYT and DNC really BELIEVE these lame attacks will do anything except generate synmpathy for Rubio?  If there's one thing they've demonstrated over the last two Presidential elections it's how to attack and degrade a Republican candiate.  They can't govern worth a damn but they can slander like the Harper Valley PTA.

Sympathy is what they want. Marco Rubio is the Democrats' dream Republican. Pro-Amnesty but without Bush's name baggage, who has his head so far up Schumer's ass that Schumer's nose runs when Rubio sneezes. All while pushing his young-rebel act for the John Edwards voters of both parties.

Sure, the NYT will horrified stories about how Rubio galvanizes those lowing Republican herds in Florida, and how he's "Hillary's nightmare," but that's just to keep the Dem donors hopping.   The lame attacks on his fishing boat and his swimming pool are just there to keep the Republican voters defending a candidate who has already repeatedly betrayed their intererest on amnesty.

The Democrats want Rubio because he has proven he will run conservative but govern liberal. 

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