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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stupid Gun Ideas...

Courtesy of custom gunsmith Gary Reeder! Note: NONE of the stupid ideas are Mr. Reeder's; he does gorgeous work!

Media Matters Missed One Little Detail...

...in Eric Boehlert's nightmare imaginings that we bitter flyovers might stop clinging to our Bibles long enough to use two hands on our guns and turn into a nation of assassins... one small problem with his theory:

Leftist Puerto Rican nationalists (Truman)
Lee Harvey Oswald (JFK): Communist
Sirhan Sirhan (RFK): Arab PLO supporter
Arthur Bremer (Wallace): schizo who stalked Wallace and Nixon
Squeaky Fromme (Ford): Manson Hippie chick
Sarah Jane Moore (Ford): Manson Hippie chick
Carter: um, nobody?
John Hinckley, Jr. (Reagan): Saw Taxi Driver 15 times, developed obsession with Jodie Foster and determined to shoot Reagan to make an impression, as Bremer, the inspiration for Taxi Driver, had.
Bush 41: Nobody
Clinton: Nobody. Francisco Martin Duran fired on the White House, claiming to be destroying an 'alien mist'.
Bush 43: Nobody.
Obama: Nobody.

Frankly, rightwing crazies are way behind the curve. Leftists and lunatics, though, or as we like to call them, Obama's base, are pretty clearly a hazard to the public weal...

UPDATE: Color me stunned; Media Matters hasn't posted this.

Rule 5 Sunday -- A Little Something for the Ladeez!

To tie in with the crucial Soranik Natu/Hannah Giles bikini/spandex issues of the week past...

Adam Baldwin IS Guy Gardner!

Rule 5 Sunday -- Tarzan and Jane Skinnydipping Scene!

From the 1934 pre-Code Tarzan. Possibly NSFW but it's a classic frikkin' movie, dammit!
Sadly, Hannah Giles was not even born yet and could not show us how much hotter this scene would have been with a bikini...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Night Protest Signs, sadly without Hannah Giles.

Hannah Giles just didn't turn up, neither in her bikini nor her hooker outfit. We carried on as best we could regardless.

Hannah Giles IS Soranik Natu in...

The bikini comes off this Christmas!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rule 5 for Chick Band Fans -- Get Crazy with Nada!

In case certain people can't wait for The Runaways' movie... by the way, Hannah Giles can DRUM!

House Votes Overwhelmingly to Defund ACORN

345-75. No reason...okay, little bitty reason...

Great to see we have the government at our Beck and call, so to speak.

The Other McCain Exposes Alarming Conflict Within the Conservative Movement!

Now, while I have no fixed position on EffingCons, I do hold that, in the context of the broader Green Lantern debate:

Soranik Natu is smokin' hot.

Thank the Guardians for giving us another hotcha space babe from a super-advanced race who don't quite know how to work zippers...

BTW, it goes without saying that Hannah Giles in a bikini on a trampoline is very nearly as hot as Soranik Natu...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This is just AWESOME. She comes on towards the end of the video, around the 2:37 mark, but MAN is it worth
the wait!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

San Diego Cops Threaten Townhall Participants with Sonic Weapon Used in Iraq Against Insurgents

"Non-Lethal" Directed Energy Weapon capable of causing hearing loss and brain damage, say critics. The perfect thing for squaring away a mob of unruly senior citizens worried about their Medicare.

After Reading Paco's Blog...

Lemur Suddenly Realizes It Might Be Related to Charles Johnson...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Explicit Hannah Giles Bikini Pictures! Shocking!

There are no graphic, explicit Hannah Giles bikini pictures on this site. Just thought I'd mention that because, you know, SOME sites are frankly being shameless, lubricious and exploitative about this matter.

More Pictures from the LA 9/12 Tea Party!

Another canine-American come to speak woof to power!
Congressional candidate Ari David, running against Henry the Snout Waxman, was a hit with the the Tea Party crowd.

A panorama of the crowd, from the Federal Building...

Across the lawn...

Across the rest of the lawn...

To the street.

Michael Steele, your ship is sailing without you...

This guy was awesome at the Tea Party outside Dianne Feinstein;s office! He was right in the middle of the MoveOn crowd across the street!

Senate Votes to Block ACORN Funding!

Wonder what changed their minds?

Youtube deleted the copy originally posted here. "Terms of Service violation." You know... on the publicly available feed from a taxpayer bought and paid for traffic camera...

Let's Lose Afghanistan, says Kickback Jack!

Hey, Barry, remember when this was the war we were supposed to be fighting? Who said that again?
HT: Weaselzippers, below

Another "inauthentic" black man fround at raaaacist Tea Party!

Dammit, Barack, who's in charge of sending out the damn talking points memos?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

60,000 my ass

Compare the overhead photos of the 9/12 march with LBJ's 1,000,000+ inauguration.

HT: Dan Riehl, link below

Governor Sends Texas Rangers to the Border!

While the Obama Administration arrogantly fumbles with intruding the government into aspects of our lives for which it has NO Constitutional mandate whatsoever, the situation along the Mexican Border has decayed to the point where local law enforcement and the the understrength Border Patrol are simply overwhelmed.

While shelling out billions of dollars to destroy perfectly serviceable second-hand cars, the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress somehow cannot find the funding to deploy available National Guard troops to their own border.

As a result, Governor Perry is reverting the legendary Texas Rangers, currently an elite investigative body, to their historic role as a state paramilitary body and law enforcement for those hard lands where the law has failed. Predictably RINO Kaye Bailey Hutchison has condemned the move.

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