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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ruke 5 Saturday... Rosella Brescia

Maybe just barely NSFW... but hey, something for the ladies, too....

For those of you who hadn't noticed, there are one or two other folks who do something with this Rule 5 business once in awhile...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Can This Possibly Be True?

Courtesy of Theo Spark

Repealing the Laws of Physics.........

Subject: Automotive Industry Challenge... Dr. David Cole
From a senior level Chrysler person

Monday morning I attended a breakfast meeting where the speaker/guest was Dr. David E. Cole, Chairman, Center for Automotive Research, (CAR and Professor at the University of Michigan ). You have all likely heard CAR quoted, or referred to in the auto industry news lately.

Dr. Cole, who is an engineer by training, told many stories of the difficulty of working with the folks that the Obama administration has sent to save the auto industry. There have been many meetings where a 30+ year experience automotive expert has to listen to a newcomer to the industry, someone with zero manufacturing experience, zero auto industry experience, zero business experience, zero finance experience, and zero engineering experience, tell them how to run their business.

Dr. Cole's favorite story is as follows:

There was a team of Obama people speaking to Dr. Cole (Graduate Engineer, automotive experience 40+ years, Chairman of CAR). They were explaining to Dr. Cole that the auto companies needed to make a car that was electric and utilized liquid natural gas (LNG) with enough combined fuel to go 500 miles so we wouldn't "need" so many gas stations, (a whole other topic). They were quoting the BTU's of LNG and battery life that they had looked up on some website.

Dr. Cole explained that to do this you would need a trunk FULL of batteries and a LNG tank at big as the car to make it happen and that there were problems related to the basic laws of physics that prevented them from...

The Obama person interrupted and said (and I am quoting here): "These laws of physics? Whose rules are those? We need to change that. (Some of the others diligently wrote down the law name so they could look it up). We have both the congress and the administration. We can repeal that law, amend it, or use an executive order to get rid of that problem. That's why we are here, to fix these sort of issues".
This country is in big trouble...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

She's Sarah Palin and We Approve This Message

MoveON, the same friendly patriotic group that gave us Bill Clinton, John Kerry and Barack "I throw like a girl" Obama, is now organizing a campaign to drive Sarah Palin from public life entirely,thus proving that she is still the threat to their interests they claim she isn't. After all, when was the last time MoveON organized a campaign against a real political powerhouse like Newt Gingrich?

They're started with an orchestrated write-in to the Washington Post to condemn her recent editorial on cap and trade.

As the recent manufactured "popular" protests in support of the Obamakill "health" program show, motivated conservatives can meet. outnumber and oppose these shills. So write, fax (202-334-7685), e-mail (national@washpost.com) or call (202-334-7300) the Washington Post today and voice your support for Sarah Palin and OUR message!!

UPDATE: Dan Riehl weighs in with some Sarah polls numbers.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Native American Republican to Challenge Brad Sherman in California!

" Go to Not One Red Cent for details. I've seen this guy, Mark Reed, in action and he's got some fire.

Not gone yet...

"Ooh, look! A little video Levi! You know what would make this even more fun...?"

Sarah Palin publishes editorial in right wing fascist propganda sheet The Washington Post...

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Other McCain: 'The Rule 5 Community'?

Robert Stacy McCain finally gains official, well-deserved notice as the Grand Master of Conservative Preverts in The Other McCain: 'The Rule 5 Community'.

To celebrate, enjoy the following video...

Deborah Leigh Update...

UPDATE: Many thanks to all you who have purchased merchandiase through Eagle Prints to help Deborah with her housing expenses since the death of her roommate. But many others have requested to know whether they could simply make a donation, a donation that is still definitely needed.

For you all, I've finally managed to install a PayPal donation link in the sidebar and here:

As with Eagle Prints, all proceeds go to helping Deborah with her rent.

Deborah Leigh, a longtime conservative activist and troop supporter in Studio City, and a good friend, just this week lost her roommate of 23 years without warning to congestive heart failure. Deborah is now facing serious financial difficulties with her rent and other prior emergency expenses. (People who've read her comments at Tim Blair and the Freep know she spent several months in the clutches of the VA with kidney failure).
To that end, I am donating all proceeds from my online store, Eagle Prints, to Deborah until such time as she is back on her feet. I invite you to visit there and chip in to help out someone who's been fighting for you for nearly eight years now. I hope you see something you like.

Michael Steele Must Be In Love -- CA Republican Candidate Hires Illegal Aliens

From Stephen Frank's California Political News and Views...
"Brad Goehring is a GOP candidate for Congress in the CD 11. He also supplies agriculture with workers. "Still, he estimates that 40 percent of workers whom he hires may be illegal -- to judge by letters sent irregularly from the Social Security Administration long after harvest to alert employers that their employees' don't match the worker."
He hires 40% illegal aliens and gets away with it when notified by Social Security about the illegals AFTER the work is completed. This allows them to come back with new names and different stolen or phony ID's. Not only does he game the system to hire criminals, he blames others for it. "Goehring notes that his business turns over workers far more quickly than it used to. He faults welfare -- for paying people not to work -- as well as the fact that growers now have to compete for immigrant labor with construction, trucking and landscaping contractors." The man has no personal responsibility. Then, he believes the government MUST provide HIM with cheap labor. "Hajek and Goehring tell me they want to follow the law, but they also need laws that ensure them access to cheap immigrant labor. Americans simply won't reliably do the work, they say." Of course Californians pay $11 billion in taxes to pay for his "cheap labor". That should be added to the cost of the peaches. The good news is that Brad Goehring probably won't even make it to the starting line of the race to replace the anti-farmer Democrat Jerry McNerney. Brad apparently has little in the way of ethics, believes the rest of us should subsidize his business and will not take responsibility for his actions--sounds to me like a Democrat. He is shoving in our face that he hires illegal aliens--must be proud of helping them break our laws."
Never mind running for Congress, how did Goehring avoid being offered an Obama Cabinet Post?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Awesome Desert Fire!

Somewhere in Nevada or Arizona, I think. Keep in mind we're five miles up to give you some idea of the scale of this thing...

Very Possibly the Dumbest Sign You Will See This Week...

Old Political Saw Disproved...

... courtesy of Steve McNair. Apparently you CAN be found in bed with a dead woman and keep your reputation.

David Brooks is still auditioning for the role of 'live boy,' however...

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