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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rule 5 — Juliana Moreira! In Daisy Dukes!

Obama Grants Citizenship to Three Convicted Terrorists!

HT: Support Your Local Gunfighter

Three convicted terrorists were granted US citizenship AFTER their convictions on terror-related charges, according to the General Accounting Office.

It's okay, though, folks.  The US Citizenship and Immigration Service says it has the power to consider "prior good moral character" when evaluating citizenship applications.

You know, PRIOR to the applicants trying to kill American men, women and children.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Helen Thomas Upskirt Photos!

Robert Stacy McCain has come up with a brilliant marketing ploy to increase traffic to his fine, upstanding, moral, conservative blog: posting links to nonexistent voyeur-cam photos of respectable young women.

This is obviously an idea whose time has come, so I felt it incumbent upon me to repeat his success.  Here goes:


Lemme know how this works for ya, I got a million of 'em

Thursday, April 28, 2011


When Christ our Savior was nailed the to the cross, He was crucified with two thieves.
One thief mocked and scorned Christ even as he died.
The other accepted Christ, abjured his sins and begged Christ for forgiveness, which Jesus granted.
But he didn't let him down off his cross.
Good thing the Reverend Huckabee's smarter than that.  Huckabee pardoned or demanded clemency for more violent criminals than his three predecessors combined.  He was to putting violent criminals back on the streets what Obama is to deficit spending.  Huckabee earned a reputation as gullibly self-righteous champion of violent thugs, including Marcus Dumond, a convicted rapsist who went on to kill another young woman, Carol Sue Shields, after his release.
Carol Sue Shields, murdered by a man Mike Huckabee 
pardoned over the objections of prosecutors 
and prison officials.
But Huckabee's finest moment came when he granted clemency to Maurice Clemmons, a violent criminal serving a 108-year sentence, over the objections of prison officials.  Clemmons went on to kill four Seattle police officers.
Murdered in cold blood: (Clockwise from top left) 
Lakewood Police officers Greg Richards, 42, 
Mark Renninger, 39, Tina Griswold, 40, 
and 37-year-old Ronald Owens 
Since then Huckabee has bravely blamed the court system for sentencing Clemmons, the prison system for not warning him a man serving 108 years was a bad man, and local prosecutors for not objecting fast enough to keep Clemmons from being released... he's blamed everything and everybody except himself and his own inability to tell his vanity from divine will.

Jesus in His ultimate trial knew that forgiveness in the next life does not equal amnesty in this one.  Christians everywhere can be grateful to Mike Huckabee for fixing that little oversight.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Attention, Taxpayers: Los Angeles Is Closed...

Mayor Villaraigosa calls for city employees to take up to 26 unpaid vacation days to help cope with Los Angeles' financial crisis.  

Taxpayers will not be given a day off.

Exacerbating the crisis, the State government in Sacramento has begun seizing back billions of dollars paid out to local governments out of the tobacco companies' 'Rob Reiner' deal, to help forestall the state's own financial collapse, causing further financial strain for counties and municipalities.

The Short Form on Obama's Long Form...

So the White House is admitting they've had the Obama birth certificate all along, and could have released it at any time.  Instead of...
...signing a Presidential Executive Order sequestering all of Obama's personal and academic records...
... and spending over a million dollars fighting efforts to get the certificate released ...
... to answer a simple question every single Presidential candidate is obliged to answer.
Now a squabble between Barack Obama and Donald Trump is about as significant in the greater scheme of things as two deinstitutionalized schizophrenics fighting over a bus stop bench.  But it must give the American people a warm feeling to know that their President, the public face of their nation...
...the guardian of their future, their champion to the world...
...shows all the emotional maturity of a 13-year-old girl throwing a tantrum and telling her mother, "You can't make me clean my room!"

Sleep soundly, America...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Candyass Lefties Threaten Blogger Who Videos Them.

Get the whole story here.  By the way, vile language, NSFW.

EPA blocks Shell from Domestic Drilling!

(AP) The Environmental Protection Agency withholds key permits, forces Shell to abandon drilling on Alaskan coast over greenhouse gas emissions from a single ice-breaker ship, putting a $4 billion investment at risk.

Yes, Mister President, hold your oil investigations.  But you better bring a lunch.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Das ist ein grosse pair of clangers!

German woman confronts Muslim protestors...

Rule 5 — Guys don't make passes...


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