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Friday, December 13, 2013

Huckabee Runs Again...!

Governor, media figure and horse's ass Mike Huckabee has decided the American people have forgotten they had no use for him in 2011, so he's bringing his unique gifts to the world back into the campaign ring...


When Christ our Savior was nailed the to the cross, He was crucified with two thieves.
One thief mocked and scorned Christ even as he died.
The other accepted Christ, abjured his sins and begged Christ for forgiveness, which Jesus granted.
But he didn't let him down off his cross.
Good thing the Reverend Huckabee's smarter than that.  Huckabee pardoned or demanded clemency for more violent criminals than his three predecessors combined.  He was to putting violent criminals back on the streets what Obama is to deficit spending.  Huckabee earned a reputation as a gullibly self-righteous champion of violent thugs, including Marcus Dumond, a convicted rapsist who went on to kill another young woman, Carol Sue Shields, after his release.
Carol Sue Shields, murdered by a man Mike Huckabee 
pardoned over the objections of prosecutors 
and prison officials.
But Huckabee's finest moment came when he granted clemency to Maurice Clemmons, a violent criminal serving a 108-year sentence, over the objections of prison officials.  Clemmons went on to kill four Seattle police officers.
Murdered in cold blood: (Clockwise from top left) 
Lakewood Police officers Greg Richards, 42, 
Mark Renninger, 39, Tina Griswold, 40, 
and 37-year-old Ronald Owens 
Since then Huckabee has bravely blamed the court system for sentencing Clemmons, the prison system for not warning him a man serving 108 years was a bad man, and local prosecutors for not objecting fast enough to keep Clemmons from being released... he's blamed everything and everybody except himself and his own inability to tell his vanity from divine will.
Jesus in His ultimate trial knew that forgiveness in the next life does not equal amnesty in this one.  Christians everywhere can be grateful to Mike Huckabee for fixing that little oversight.

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