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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rule 5 -- the Spurs!

Diva Divots!

Michelle Obama is not the Fashion Expert She Thinks She Is

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hawking Update

Stephen Hawking Expected to Make Full Recovery!"

Disclaimer: He was making great progress until they spiked him in the endzone...

How to Spot a Terrorist (2)

Terrorists and rightwing extremists can often be found entering the country through our airports, virtually unrestricted...

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Carter Does Coke!

Jimmy Carter to Help Harvest Cocaine in Venezuela

Here's one old Democrat Obama won't snub.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Frumley Brooks, Esq., Mainsteam Conservative Pundit, Inveigles Against Offend-a-Feminist Week

In accordiance with the Brooks family motto since time immemorial, "Uno dies tardus quod uno denarius brevis" ("a day late and a dollar short") Mr. Brooks laments the latest insensitivity on the part of the American conservative movement:

"Rightwing blogger Robert Stacey McCain, a Washington functionary who has made a promising career of being mistaken for a distinguished Republican Senator, has taken the next sorry, inevitable step in the ruination of the conservative movement with his deliberate and deliberately offensive eponymous campaign to alienate middle-of-the-road women.

"Plainly, the mainstream women of America have made their choice, and it is incumbent upon us to adapt to it if the conservative movement is to survive.  We need to understand exactly where we are going wrong if we as conservatives continue to prefer this:

to this:

"Until we understand the message of empowerment and fulfilment women are sending us with this choice, we will suffer for it at the ballot box.

"We need to understand why women given a choice between  portraits of female accomplishment and achievement, reject this:

...in favor of this:
"We need to understand the important cultural message we are being sent when the middle-of-the-road majority applauds the free speech of a modern progressive woman:

...and rejects the firebrand rantings of an old-school reactionary who has the temerity to answer an unrehearsed question in public:

"Until we understand and embrace the demands the middle-of-the-road is placing upon us, until we learn to make room for their newer and sophisticated standards, I fear they will never let us join them."

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