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Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Other McCain Complains About the Lack of Intimacy in the GOP

In fairness to David Brooks I must confess that a Republican senator did try to feel my thigh once. Then he realized it wasn't my thigh and got intimidated. (Again, to be fair, I had the same problem with Chuck Norris.)

And in the name of bipartisanship and reaching around across the aisle, I have found Brooks a preferable dinner companion...

Carol at No Sheeples Here takes modest exception to Brooks' talent, intelligence, politcs, integrity, politeness and personal hygiene, while nevertheless finding him another tablemate.

I have to disagree, however, with her claim that 'desperate is not a sexual preference.' Usually the folks who say this are the same people who tell you that 'sex is no laughing matter.' If this is true, then I and every woman I have ever propositioned have been doing it wrong.

The Purpose of the State is to Kill Your Children

Go to Paco's. Read it. It's important.

Rule 5 Saturday

More tasty Brazilian treats for our tasteful President...

Friday, July 10, 2009

How Times Have Changed...

Rule 5 -- Ten Years On!

Brandi Chastain at the World Ciup

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rule 5... with fire!

Iranian Protester....
(All proceeds go to assist bereaved conservative activist
Note: flag featured on sticker is the pre-revolution, pre-mullahs flag of Iran)

Rule 5: Take your pick...

Republican Sex Scandal...

Democrat Sex Scandal...

Or upholding the dignity of the office...

She's sixteen, you louche boor. Who do you think you are, David Letterman?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

California Republican to Challenge Henry Waxman!

Ari David is set to challenge Cap and Trade pirate Henry Waxman in California's 30th district. Check him out on FaceBook until his official site opens shortly!

"We are going through a critical time in our history. It is a time that requires important decisions about our future. Last November the Democrats won a wide electoral victory and promised change. The change they have provided has been much more radical than we expected or are willing to accept without a fight.

The very nature of personal freedom is at stake. Currently congressman Henry Waxman is leading a charge to take away huge amounts of the personal freedom we have enjoyed all of our lives in the name of doing it for our own good. Tyranny is bad enough but tyranny done in the name of our own good is a vile form of governmental oppression because this tyranny will never rest.

I have made a decision to challenge Henry Waxman for his congressional seat. This was not an easy decision but I decided that if Americans in the future are going to live in liberty, people of my generation have to stand up and fight for it. Henry Waxman is the first person we need to target in this fight."


Congressman Henry Waxman Shot At Star Trek Convention!

The sponsor of the notorious Cap and Trade legislation recently passed by the House of Representatives was shot while attending the weekend Star Trek convention at the Burbank Hilton, in what police and convention organizers describe as "a tragic case of mistaken identity..."

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