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Saturday, July 10, 2010

So... A Lame Duck Congress...?

Democrats run home early so they won't have to vote on real job-killing bills (their jobs).

So Obama, Reid and Pelosi, along with lesser and even dimmer Congressional lights like Jay ("Bush used psychological pressure on me") Rockefeller, Chris ("Waitress, there's a fly in my pants") Dodd and Barney (deleted out of sheer disgust -TBL) Frank are planning a sore-loser's frenzy of a lame duck session after the midterms, when the outgoing grifters think they will have nothing to lose.  Never mind that we don't want these bills and they KNOW we don't want these bills or they wouldn't be hiding from them.

Items back on the table include card check for union voters, federal voter registration, cap and trade, and all the pork low-rent thieves like Spector, Rangel and Bennett can carve up between them, to be doled out so their friends back home will take care of them in their dotage...

If,of course, they ever dare go back home...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Talkin' to Tech Support...

When my Acer Aspire fell over dead at Denny's, I contacted Acer to confirm my warranty status and arrange for service.

First off, warranty or no warranty, if you want to talk to an Acer service rep online, it costs you.  When you try to reach a rep through their chat line,you get a message: "I can help you!  How much is it worth to you?"  and a clickable list of amounts you might be willing to pay.

So okay, e-mail.  They answer their e-mails.

One line at a time.

Six e-mails followed my original query, each one asking for one more piece of information they hadn't asked for in the previous e-mails.Remember the crazy uncle with his "One MORE thing..." in the Jackie Chan cartoons.  It was that annoying.

Finallly they run out of questions and we send off the  computer. A week later it comes back, complete with a whole brand new mainboard, a letter proudly announcing it has been thoroughly tested and  inspected...

...and the exact same problem. Maybe ten hours use and it drops dead again.

So we call the toll-free hotline their own letter says to use, letter in hand.  Phone tree.The phone tree will be happy to help you: just give it the SNID number off the computer.  Not the serial number, which every previous stage of this transaction has used including their own contact letter,but the SNID number, which can be found... on the computer back at my office.  Oh, and did I mention that if you ask to speak to an operator, it demands the frigging SNID before it will put you through?

Back to e-mail. Tech support will be happy to help me. Just give them EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF INFORMATION 'I'VE ALREADY GIVEN TO THEM, and which they already have because they're referring to it even as they write.

So they send me a FedEx drop-off number,which for some reason I can't use from work but have to use at an authorized FedEx center.  I take it in... and the drop-off number doesn't go to the service center. It took the very diligent FedEx gal to catch this and nearly fifteen minutes to fix the glitch, for which my thanks...

So.  Back squinting at the 7-inch Asus and wondering if Panasonic toughbooks are worth the price. I gotta wonder if ther Acer is really a good work machine at this point.

Happy Feet Friday-- Trace Adkins -- Chrome!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Coulter, Limbaugh Defend Steele's Comments on Afghanistan...

Here's a thought: Michael Steele was tone-deaf, ill-considered and wrong to adopt the language and tactics of the Democrats, using Afghanistan for cheap political advantage while we have troops on the ground, in contact, in Afghanistan.

Unless, of course, in Michael Steele's world the GOP just isn't all that different from the Democrats...

What Michael Steele did was EXACTLY what the left did to Nixon over Vietnam. The litter wasn't even cleaned up from the inauguration before the war JFK began and LBJ escalated bcame 'Nixon's War' and they dumped everything from Gulf of Tonkin to Tet in his lap. It was wrong then and it's wrong now.

If conservatives want to score points on Afghanistan, what exactly will they say? That Afghanistan is not important enough to warrant the casualties? Then it didn't warrant the casualties we took there under Bush and the GOP. That the war is lost and we should pull out? That we should scale down to 2008 levels and watch Afghanistan crumble around our outposts? Substitute the last helicopter out of Kandahar for the last helicopter out of Bagdhad?

...Look, I hate writing this. I hate even having to approach defending Obama. But it's one thing to condemn Obama's ineptitude and another to assign him personal blame for a national endeavor that predates him. And THAT's what Democrats do, that's what Michael Steele did, and it's wrong. It a boneheaded and frankly hypocritical move that could backfire on the GOP.

Just the kind of move Michael Steele likes.

Wednesday Foamy!

Wherein we get the word on obesity, fast food, cell phones, english-only and green cards.  NSFW only if anyone in your office isn't deaf...

Monday, July 5, 2010

An interesting Fourth of July note...

As a Democrat for over 30 years before I gave up on the party, I'm still on most of the mailing lists.

Funny thing, not one Independence Day e-mail to all us good Democrats from any of them.

Not from John Vogel at the DCCC.
Not from John Kerry.
Not from Rose Kapolczynski at Barbara Boxer's campaign.
Not from Nancy Pelosi.
Not from Joe Biden.
Not from my Congressman Howard Berman.


Just sayin'...

Well, I'm convinced... I'm going back to the Democrats...

ht: Moe Lane

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