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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rule 5 -- Laker Girls!

Rule 5 -- Juliana Moreira!

Another Commitment with an Expiration Date?

UPDATE: "Wonder if Obama still 'accepts responsibility' for the month-old crisis?" Why no, no he doesn't..."

BP Top Kill Plug Not Working; one day after Obama's photo op.Wonder if Obama still 'accepts responsibility' for the month-old crisis?

You know, when he's not trying to cut funding for the Coast Guard's oil-response unit?

"You're on your own, buh-bye..."

"I have no information about any Louisiana trip..."

There was no f***ing Louisian trip.  No f***king trip, 
you hear what I'm saying?

"So... what do you need to agree there was no trip?"

Friday, May 28, 2010

Barack Obama -- Master of Disaster!

Carol of No Sheeples Here! has put together a terrific overview of the Great and Powerful Ob's hands-on leadership during the BP Gulf crisis.

Meanwhile, as Obama "confronts oil spill's spreading damage on the Gulf Coast", let's take a look at some of the other places he's confronted the oil spill's spreading damage during the crisis...
Obama narrowly escapes an oil slick on the White House floor...

Obama bravely avoids ordering oil and vinegar, settling instead for 
patriotic ranch dressing in a show of solidarity with Arizona...

Obama  defiantly wedges tar balls out of the hazard
on the 17th hole...

Obama gallantly rescues a stranded, naked hermit crab
that slipped out of its oily shell, after criticizing BP executives
for their delay in locating more photogenic wildlife...

Happy Feet Friday -- Dancin' Fools!

dancin fools - Watch more Funny Videos

Ari David Declares Victory Against Apple the Goliath

Apple caves in, reverses censorhip stand:

by Ari David 

"In a surprise reversal, Apple computer has approved my iphone application and is allowing it to be distributed in the iphone app store. Apple had originally declared portions of the application, which are critical of my opponent, Congressman Henry Waxman, to be defamatory of Waxman and thus, containing inappropriate content.
"I always asserted that the material in the app was perfectly appropriate because it was critical of Waxman‘s policy positions and actions he has taken as an elected official. The material critical of Waxman was also important to include in the iphone application in order to illustrate the policy differences between Waxman and myself.

"If Apple had continued to reject such material they would have severely compromised my right to free political speech because if political discourse is too controversial to discuss in public online spaces like the app store, where else will such discourse be banned?

"It’s nice that Apple decided to do the right thing is this case and I look forward to having everyone download the application which is available for free on itunes.

"Here is a link to the app


"I hope you enjoy it and share it with everyone you know."

Or, in the subtler, more nuanced words of Three Beers Later:


Thursday, May 27, 2010

A revolutionary idea to save the Gulf Coast...

BP:  Friday or the weekend before we know if the 'top kill' well-head filling project works or not.

Well, I for one find it immensely reassuring that the finest minds of this Administration and the elite of the British petrochemical industry only took 36 days to come up with the groundbreaking strategy of shoveling mud into a hole.

Plainly, golf courses and campaign fundraisers are where our leaders do their best thinking...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Texas Rangers MLB Franchise files for bankruptcy! Bush mysteriously not blamed...

Debtors say they are being screwed by interim financing deal reached with Major League Baseball.

Oddly, although George W. Bush was a previous owner for the team, no one has gotten around to blaming him for the failures of the owners who followed him....

"Wow, I rememorize when that team could sell tickets... 
Miss me yet?"

No Congressional hearings have been called, no Congressman damning the GOP for the bankruptcy on the Sunday talk shows, no ignorant David Brooks editorials have been published.  Pundits are baffled by the sudden silence...

"Jug-eared sumbitch is losing a step every f***in' day..."

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ari David: "There's some things Apple DOESN'T have an app for..."

What makes an acceptable Apple App?  
Apparently a loathing for America, Christianity and brown women's rights...

A Real American Idol!

An Important Announcement from Three Beers Later...

I wish to go unequivocally on record as having never had sex with Nikki Haley.  In fact, I have never had relations with anybody or anything from South Carolina that I am sober enough to recall (there were, however, some incidents in Columbus, Georgia that come under the heading "What happens on VD Drive stays on VD drive"...)

However, in updating my restraining orders calendar, I find that I would be free to respond to a  suboena immediately upon the expiration of my TRO obligations to Penelope Cruz and Cote de Pablo, and it would brighten my resumĂ© considerably....

Ray Stevens on Immigration!

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