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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Commitment with an Expiration Date?

UPDATE: "Wonder if Obama still 'accepts responsibility' for the month-old crisis?" Why no, no he doesn't..."

BP Top Kill Plug Not Working; one day after Obama's photo op.Wonder if Obama still 'accepts responsibility' for the month-old crisis?

You know, when he's not trying to cut funding for the Coast Guard's oil-response unit?

"You're on your own, buh-bye..."

"I have no information about any Louisiana trip..."

There was no f***ing Louisian trip.  No f***king trip, 
you hear what I'm saying?

"So... what do you need to agree there was no trip?"

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Anonymous said...

This situation gets stupider by the moment. There are how many of these deep water platforms all over the world, and this one is the one that blows leaving 11 dead, millions of gallons spilling into the Gulf per day, a president who would like to see gas go over $7.00 per gallon so we use less, proclaims he takes responsibility for the disaster while placing blame for a situation that has never taken place before, and the list goes on. Now, word comes that he will go to the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Illinois for Memorial Day, and send Second Buffoon VP Joe Biden to Arlington. This isn't precedented, but Joe Biden?! Seriously! On-the-other-hand, maybe it's good Obama isn't going. Maybe he should stay away from the Lincoln Cemetery too.

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