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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rule 5 — Robert Stacy McCain and the Hot Teenage Lesbians!

 Only Robert Stacy McCain could tempt the entire Rule 5 Universe with a post about steamy hot teenage lesbians... and then forget the lesbians!

Well, here at Three Beers Later we pay attention to the niggling little details that you would think would be the mark of a professional journalist.  So without further ado: you want steamy teeneage lesbians, you get steamy teenage lesbians.

Rule 5½ — The wearing of the green (2)!

Rule 5 Musical Interlude! Phenix City Blues!


Rich Bond, Shill for Howard Berman

Dear Mr. McEnroe,

Mr. McEnroe, I am writing to urge you to vote for my friend, Congressman Howard Berman.

Why would I, a lifelong Republican and former Chairman of the Republican Nationional Committee under President George Bush, be asking you, a fellow Republican, to vote for a Democrat for Congress? Presumably because you're too old and homely to resume your former career of gay outcall prostitution.

Because Republicans live in the real world!  And in the real world a Democrat will surely be elected in your district which includes the Democratic strongholds of Studio City, Sherman Oaks and Encino. Barack Obama received 67% of the two-party vote in your district in November 2008!

Yep.  And in 2010 Berman's margin of victory was the number of votes the Libertarian candidate, an immigration attorney, siphoned off from GOP candidate Merlin Froyd.  Best not mention that in front of your friend Howard.

This is an extraordinary election.  Two incumbent Democratic Congressmen, Brad Sherman and Howard Berman are running against each other.  One of them will win. 

If Little Richard has anything to do with it.  The fact is, there are other candidates running, including GOP candidate Mark Reed.  The fact is, current polling shows him well ahead of Howard Berman.  But best not mention it's a race between Sherman and Reed, with Berman limping along Newtlike in perpetual third.

 But aside from party registration, Berman and Sherman could not be more different. Bet me a nickel?

Congressman Berman is of the highest integrity, is universally respected by people from both parties like paid political consultant Rich Bond is a leader in the fight to keep American military defenses strong Heckuva Job, Howie! and supports a vibrant foreign policy Short form: he supports Israel, and how's that working out for ya? Berman unlike so many now in office believes that America is exceptional, an inspiration to freedom-loving people everywhere. Tell ya 'bout that in a sec.

On the other hand, Sherman is a pedestrian, publicity seeking, backbench, typical Democrat.  Sherman is the poster boy for term limits! Pot, kettle, two lines, no waiting....

On every single one of the issues that have left this country in the shape it's in today, Brad Sherman and Howard Berman have the same voting record, supporting TARP, Stimulus, cap and trade, the housing debacle and Obamacare.  

As human beings... well, I was at the town hall where Brad Sherman laughed in his constituents' faces when they asked him if he even read the bills he voted on, and told them outright they were foolish to think anyone in Congress did.  And I was at the meeting where Howard Berman stared at looked right at his constituents as they talked about the businesses failing on their boulevard, about their neighbors in even the best neighborhoods losing their jobs and their homes, about the squatters and crime moving into once-vibrant communities... and then he stood up and gave a prepared speech that didn't address one single issue they raised.  Neither one of these buffoons has the slightest interest in or concern for what they're doing to their constituents.  They believe America is exceptional... they just don't want to talk to it.

You can be proud of a vote for Congressman Howard Berman.  Please fill-in and mail the postage paid enclosed endoresement form.  Thank you.  No, we really can't.  And we really can't be proud of a party that would let a bottom feeder like you scurry around cashing in on its once-good name.
Rich Bond, Former Chairman
Republican National Committee (RNC)

There is one alternative to that, right here, right now, in Los Angeles:

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