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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Michelle Obama Campaigns INSIDE Polling Place...

...First Lady threatens to eat voters who don't punch the straight Democrat ticket... Incorruptible election officials explain the wife of the President of the United States may not have known you can't electioneer within 100 feet of a polling place, much less while blocking the path to the voting booths.
"I know where you live, and I
know what gravy goes good with
In honor of Michelle Obama's sterling example, I have volunteered to be a poll watcher.  Here is a preview of the official Three Beers Later Poll Watcher's Uniform...


In related news, Obama offers Castro a real estate deal...

Islamic Darwinism...

(Click on link for Breitbart video)

Because Smitty Will Sulk If I Don't Link This...

...and nobody likes a pouty sailor. OK, 'cept maybe down on Christopher Street, or out in Frisco, or some of the faaabulous parts of Boston...

"What the hell...?"

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

O'Donnell/Coons Debate

Or, never bring a bald commie to the 21st century...

Dem Congressman Beats Wife, Bids for NOW Endorsement....

Obama, Franken, Biden to campaign for Reid's Pet in Delaware...

Because, you know, Christine O'Donnell can't win... Click on the ad to the left, do the deed...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NOW never met a woman they couldn't exploit...

So the National Organization of Women is endorsed Jerry Brown the day after the "Whore" comment.

To who is this news. exactly?

NOW, and its sister organizations NARAL and the defunct Hollywood Women's Political Caucus, have a long and shameful history of enabling male sexual predators to advance their political agenda.

They knew about Ted Kennedy, Chris Dodd and their waitress sandwiches.

They knew about Peckerwood Bob Packwood and his prehensile tongue.

They knew about Bill Clinton's serial "bimbo eruptions."

But they never said a word.  Why?  Because these vermin said the right things in Congress, pushing NOW's political aims.

Be very clear about this.  These "women's organizations" knowingly and deliberately perpetuated the sexual victimization of real women for their hypothetical political advantage.

There's a name for women who victimize other women...but I understand Senator Boxer doesn't like to use it...

Stupid Woman Killed 11 co-workers on BP Well.

"Fleytas said she was trained to sound a general alarm any time more than one indicator light flashed, but didn’t do so immediately in this case because she had never been trained to deal with such an overwhelming number of warnings."

The article doesn't display her picture.  Probably just as well.

Monday, October 11, 2010


White Woman Speak with Forked & Botoxed Tongue...  

Administration to Save Grateful Nation from the Rotarian Menace!

Utilizing a fundamental principle of American law, White House staffer David Axelrod this weekend demanded the the United States Chamber of Commerce prove it isn't taking filthy disgusting foreign money to run commercials attacking President Obama's evanescent economic policy.

In doing so the Administration has taken a brave step in unveiling the sinister network of secretive, hidden organizations and special interest groups that have corrupted and demeaned this great nation for so long.

President Obama has finally granted legitimacy to such patriotic, America-loving movements as Code Pink, MoveOn, SEIU, ACORN and that long, lonely sentinel against this country's downfall, the CPUSA, in their crusade to expose this insidious conspiracy.

Moving invisibly among the populace, this invidious conspiracy
has crippled a once-great nation
For too many years, fringe extremist groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Kiwanis, the Rotarians, the Christofascist Knights of Columbus, and even the ominously named Odd Fellows have gnawed on the roots of this noble state, undermining every effort to bring us all into our gleaming collective future.
Spirited American Patriots
Iniquitous Kiwanis "leadership" trainees
The fact that the Chamber of Commerce predictably says it's impossible to prove a negative is of course conclusive evidence of its guilt, and should be all the evidence needed for the Department of Justice to move forward with vigorous prosectutions.  Hopefully Congress, once it inevitably retains itsDemocratic majorities in the House and Senate next month, will follow this up with a dynamic series of hearings and investigations.                                          
Proud American Citizens
Insidious Rotarians
It is past time for the housekeepers of the Obama Administration to sweep this clutter out of the rain gutters of a waiting nation.
True Defenders of Our American Way of Life
Christofascist Fringe Extremist Knights of Columbus

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