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Monday, October 11, 2010

Administration to Save Grateful Nation from the Rotarian Menace!

Utilizing a fundamental principle of American law, White House staffer David Axelrod this weekend demanded the the United States Chamber of Commerce prove it isn't taking filthy disgusting foreign money to run commercials attacking President Obama's evanescent economic policy.

In doing so the Administration has taken a brave step in unveiling the sinister network of secretive, hidden organizations and special interest groups that have corrupted and demeaned this great nation for so long.

President Obama has finally granted legitimacy to such patriotic, America-loving movements as Code Pink, MoveOn, SEIU, ACORN and that long, lonely sentinel against this country's downfall, the CPUSA, in their crusade to expose this insidious conspiracy.

Moving invisibly among the populace, this invidious conspiracy
has crippled a once-great nation
For too many years, fringe extremist groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Kiwanis, the Rotarians, the Christofascist Knights of Columbus, and even the ominously named Odd Fellows have gnawed on the roots of this noble state, undermining every effort to bring us all into our gleaming collective future.
Spirited American Patriots
Iniquitous Kiwanis "leadership" trainees
The fact that the Chamber of Commerce predictably says it's impossible to prove a negative is of course conclusive evidence of its guilt, and should be all the evidence needed for the Department of Justice to move forward with vigorous prosectutions.  Hopefully Congress, once it inevitably retains itsDemocratic majorities in the House and Senate next month, will follow this up with a dynamic series of hearings and investigations.                                          
Proud American Citizens
Insidious Rotarians
It is past time for the housekeepers of the Obama Administration to sweep this clutter out of the rain gutters of a waiting nation.
True Defenders of Our American Way of Life
Christofascist Fringe Extremist Knights of Columbus


Anonymous said...

The ladies (I use the term loosely) were obviously from the camp for Code Pinkers. Decorating their umbrellas got them extra credit. But coming up with that swell slogan meant they were exhulted as the top team at Camp Rachael Corrie.

Deborah Leigh

Michael Lonie said...

The jihadists hate the Rotary Clubs too. Rotary Clubs? Why? Because they sponsor vaccination programs in the Third World, including Muslims countries, and the radical Isamaists are terrified that polio or measles vaccines are poisoning the Muslims. I guess they want to safeguard their precious bodily fluids. Besides, it's going agaisnt the Will of Allah. If Allah didn't want some kids to get polio He wouldn't send it to them, and to vaccinate against it is, therefore, blasphemy. QED.

tom said...

His boss won't post enough records of ANYTHING he's ever done to even enlist as an E-1 and he's whining about this?

ruralcounsel said...

Axelrod is whining because if he and his boss can find out what companies are donating money to the Chamber of Commerce to beat up the Democrats for their shoddy governing, then they'll be able to go crack some kneecaps, Chicago-style. That behavioral trend coming out of the Obama admin is one of the most troubling. They've threatened insurance companies, businesses taking required accounting actions, anyone who speaks out against them or funds their opposition. They've turned the United States into a 3rd world socialist kleptocracy.

The Dems have nothing left but lies and unsupported accusations left to counter their miserable performance. They held the Congress and the Executive, blew threw a couple of extra trillion dollars, and have nothing good to show the country for it. They governed like spoiled teenagers.

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