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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rule 5 — Juliana Moreira wet and wild!

Rule 5 — Denise Milani Back on the Beach!

Rare Public Sighting of Our Dark Mistress...!

Previously: Memo... Vast Right Wing Conspiracy


Rule 5 -- Blondie!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Memo: to all members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy..

Effective the date of the Delaware Primary, there has been a formal regime change at the top of the VRWC.

Henceforth, effective post-date, all references to our" Dark Master Karl" shall be altered immediately to "Our Dark Mistress:"

"Does this simulator come with a Levi Johnston Avatar?"

Please correct all office portraits, letterhead, history books and Wiki articles immediately as needed. White-Out and X-Acto knives can be requisitioned from Stores through normal channels for this purpose. Thank you.  We KNOW we can rely on your cooperation.  And YOU know we know it...

Thursday, September 16, 2010


...Until Blogrolling.com gets its crap together.  Apologies.

UPDATE:  Rebuilding my links page from scratch in my copious spare time.  If I linked you in the past and haven't relinked you yet it means I never liked you I'm working on it.  

I'm also open to suggestions for new links.

Until Blogrolling.com gets its crap together.  Apologies.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't blame Meghan...

... remember, stoopid is genetic.  Sure, Meghan McCain may be as self-involved as a black hole and and as clueless as Eric Holder investigating the New Black Panthers, but remember who her father is:

...the man who finished last in his class at Annapolis.  Now, see, here's the thing — when the son of a distinguished naval family, heir to the traditions of a long line of serving naval officers, finishes dead last in his class, there's a pretty good chance that what he did was actually flunk out, only to be saved by a chorus of McCain family Academy rings knocking on the Commandant's desk like a hula dancer's rhythm section.

All Meghan McCain is doing is acting out her DNA destiny.  What parent or party could ask any more? Look for her to be endorsed by the RNC in some future campaign...

Best Selling Author Tears Barbara Boxer a new one...

"Ma'am this," starting on page 321 of Vince Flynn's Pursuit of Honor, where Left Coast Senatrix Carol Ogden has called protagonist Mitch Rapp into Senate hearings for being too effective at fighting terrorism.  A mild sample: "Senator, why must I automatically defer to you when you have no problem calling into question my morals, ethics and motives?"

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