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Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't blame Meghan...

... remember, stoopid is genetic.  Sure, Meghan McCain may be as self-involved as a black hole and and as clueless as Eric Holder investigating the New Black Panthers, but remember who her father is:

...the man who finished last in his class at Annapolis.  Now, see, here's the thing — when the son of a distinguished naval family, heir to the traditions of a long line of serving naval officers, finishes dead last in his class, there's a pretty good chance that what he did was actually flunk out, only to be saved by a chorus of McCain family Academy rings knocking on the Commandant's desk like a hula dancer's rhythm section.

All Meghan McCain is doing is acting out her DNA destiny.  What parent or party could ask any more? Look for her to be endorsed by the RNC in some future campaign...


Anonymous said...

With obvious assests like hers Meghan is sure to be endorsed by someone or other(s). May not be the RNC though. Chris Dodd may reach across the aisle for a sandwich.

Deborah Leigh

RebeccaH said...

Don't diss my man McCain. He may have been a piss-poor candidate for president, and a RINO politician, but he did serve his country in the hardest way possible short of death.

That said, no special respect accrues to Ms. McBoobs the Daughter.

christian soldier said...

great take!!

richard mcenroe said...

Rebeccah I will never say word one against McCain's physical and moral heroism during his combat service and captivity.

But the academies are fallible human institutions. It's been my admittedly limited experience that our military academies produce either outstanding human beings or the worst kind of game-playing chameleons.

I don't think it's just enlisted/OCS jealousy to offer up the possibility that generations of family service and academy graduations might not have bought McCain a magical fairy point or two in extremis. That's how large institutions with longtime family associations work.

Michael Lonie said...

Hey, Bill Halsey almost bilged out too, from paying more attention to playing football than to studying. He went on to a distinguished career (although he ought to have paid more attention to lessons in weather and navigation). One of his later accomplishments was to study at and graduate from the Army War College. This institution was the crowning school of the prewar Armed Forces, and the students created war plans for all kinds of contingencies (except for Plan Orange, which the Navy guarded jealously). These were to train the officers who would go on to form the real plans in case of a shooting war. Only the top officers, already staff college grads, went there. Two-thirds of the AWC graduates of the 30s got stars in WWII or before. The graduates were considered sort of the Ph.D.s of the armed forces, and Halsey was one of them. So just because some poor schulb doesn't do so well at Annapolis doesn't mean he isn't the right stuff.

richard mcenroe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
richard mcenroe said...

True, not to mention Nimitz bouncing back from a career-ending ship-grounding.

But McCain's postwar career was not marked by that sort of distinction.

I'd also point out that Custer finished last in his class and he didn't end well after he started playing political and ego games either.

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