Operation Gratitude Care Package Weekend!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Memo: to all members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy..

Effective the date of the Delaware Primary, there has been a formal regime change at the top of the VRWC.

Henceforth, effective post-date, all references to our" Dark Master Karl" shall be altered immediately to "Our Dark Mistress:"

"Does this simulator come with a Levi Johnston Avatar?"

Please correct all office portraits, letterhead, history books and Wiki articles immediately as needed. White-Out and X-Acto knives can be requisitioned from Stores through normal channels for this purpose. Thank you.  We KNOW we can rely on your cooperation.  And YOU know we know it...


Amusing Bunni said...

Good One! I'm on it.

Michael Lonie said...

Good idea Richard.

Wronwright won't be able to give Sarah the runaround over the Tardis the way he did Karl.

And the Weather Control Project is moving right along.

RebeccaH said...


Oh, sure, no problem. And just who has to fill out all the requisition forms, etc, and do all the hammering and hanging, with the same budget and staff, huh?

Michael Lonie said...

That's what we have Minions Third Class for, not just for waxing black helicopters. Requisition some of them from Paco. Productive Activities Contracting Organization is the cover organization within Paco Enterprises for allocating and paying minions.

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