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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rule 5 — Mitzi Gaynor!

First Official Three Beers Later Poll!

Retired Porn Star Sasha Grey Fights for Right to Read to Children...
Who would you rather have read to your children?
Ex-Porn Star Sasha Grey
President Barack Obama

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UPDATE:  As of 7:00 p.m. Sunday evening, Sasha Grey leads Barack Obama by over 300 votes!
UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers!
UPDATE: Obama is so far behind in this poll, we may have to add Sasha to the next GOP debate!

Crazed RightWing Extremist Burns Barn!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembering the Vets, Supporting Those Still Fighting -- Operation Gratitude!

Last weekend Operation Gratitude packed and shipped over 7,300 packages to US troops serving in Afghanistan and elsewhere.  They are on track to ship their 750,000th package by the end of the Thanksgiving Holiday drive.  Is there something higher than The 1%?  'Cuz these folks are them.
If you have a loved one deployed, or know a deployed servicemember, have their CO contact Operation Gratitude to get their unit on the package list.
If you work for a company that sells, manufactures or distributes small toiletries, socks, t-shirts, entertainment items, snacks, etc., contact OG about tax deductible donations.  Goods always in demand!
If you want to participate, the armory is at the corner of Victory and Louise, just west of Balboa, in Encino. check the website for schedules under "volunteers".
If you want to make a cash donation, $15.00 fully deductible puts a ten pound gift box in a servicemember's hand.  OG has one of the highest, if not the highest, pass-through of any registered charity I know.  To the best of my knowledge, every penny donated goes to purchasing packing materials from the USPS and shipping the boxes.

This post dedicated to Sgt. Carlo Eugenio, from Rancho Cucamonga, California, served with the 756th Transportation Company, 224th Sustainment Brigade, California Army National Guard, based at Van Nuys (the unit that hosts Operation Gratitude). He deployed to Afghanistan in August on a one-year mission. Previously he had served in Kuwait.  KIA

Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Stuff What Newt Gingrich Is A Real Smart Political Guy About...

"This Gingrich kid has some real potential... who sent him?"

"GOP Insiders: Newt Now Acceptable Alternative to Romney"

"Gingrich.... could work for us..."

In. what. parallel. universe?

Newt Gingrich? Dumpy white-haired guy? Former Congressman and Speaker of the House? THAT Newt Gingrich?

Doesn't anybody remember what happened the LAST time we put him in charge?

Newt Gingrich is not an untried commodity. He has wielded power in the highest halls of government. He has spoken for the GOP at a time when the party had an absolute majority in Congress. He rallied and inspired Americans with his "Contract with America".

And he was an absolute, unqualified disaster.

1994: GOP adopts the "Contract with America" co-authored by Newt Gingrich. With this as a plaftorm, the GOP took the majority in Congress...

Source for the following, About.com ("US conservative politics") Large type bold comments TBL:

"Shortly after theContract With America had been voted upon, passed, vetoed, renegotiated, re-voted upon and again passed, budget talks between House Republicans and President Clinton broke down:

Newt couldn't deliver the Contract he promised the American people with an absolute majority in Congress. 

"Gingrich led the override of Clinton's veto and when government operations expired, the federal government shut down."

Newt failed to pin the blame for the shutdown on the intransigent White House, paving the way for a generation of GOP cowardice in budget confrontations.

"Following the 1996 elections, many House Republicans blamed the GOP's weakened position on Gingrich. Meanwhile, Democrats filed a raft of ethics charges at him in an ironic attempt to get him to resign. Gingrich ultimately pleaded guilty and in 1997 was fined more than $300,000. Gingrich maintained that the statements made against him were "inaccurate" and "unreliable." Later that year, members of the GOP caucus staged a coup to remove Gingrich from the chair. Upon learning of Gingrich's potential replacement, Dick Armey, one of the conspirators, warned the Speaker of the coup and the threat was averted."

Newt lost the GOP its absolute majority in the House and Senate.

"Despite his narrow escape from being unseated as Speaker, it was clear by 1998 that Gingrich didn't have long in his position. Although he never joined the chorus of voices admonishing Clinton for his marital indiscretions, Gingrich did use the president's alleged perjury as a rallying cry to gain more seats in the midterm elections."

Newt Gingrich: My Affair Clarified Why I Needed To Impeach Clinton

"Nevertheless, Republicans suffered more losses and the blame was again laid at Gingrich's feet. Rather than face another challenge for his seat, Gingrich announced he would step down not only as Speaker but also from the House -- despite soundly winning an 11th term."

November 13, 2000: "... the combined budgets of the 95 major programs that the Contract with America promised to eliminate have increased by 13%." Edward H. Crane, President, Cato Institute.

Since then, Newt has undertaken to reinvent himself as the GOP's "Idea Man," who understands policy and politics, as he has amply demonstrated on several occasions:

The fact is, Newt Gingrich IS a great idea man, but whenever he has been given the chance to ACT on his ideas, he has failed miserably, and embarrassingly, at great cost to the GOP and the American people.  Bluntly put, Newt could fall into a bed of roses and come out with fertilizer clenched in his teeth.

There is no visible reason Newt should be the favorite of the GOP machine or its conservative base.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Gloria Allred and Blonde accuse Herman Cain!

UPDATED: Bialek has history of false sex harassment accusations, disruptive office behavior.
UPDATE #2: Multiple bankruptcies, major legal bills, paternity suit, unstable employment history
UPDATE #3: Bialek lied about tea party meeting, Cain's reaction
UPDATE #4: "She's a complete gold digger."
UPDATE #5:  Second accuser has history of filing harassment complaints at multiple workplaces

Attorney Gloria Alred just finished a press conference in which she introduced an alleged fourth victim of GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain.

So let me see what we seem to have here we seem to have a few answers now:

1.  She "reached out to Herman Cain on an employment matter."  Questions: is this sort of matter one normally dealt with by the CEO of the National Restaurant Association?  What basis did she have for believing Cain would involve himself in this matter?   Did they have any sort of previous association?  What kind?  None of this was addressed, am I correct?

2.  Whose name was the suite in? Who paid for it?  Are there any records?

3.  Gloria Alred has been searching for a week for other "victims" of Herman Cain, according to Michelle Malkin.  By an astonishing coincidence, she finds ANOTHER previously undocumented victim from the same organization and the same time frame as the three previous alleged "victims", and NOT from any of the periods in which Cain's female associates praise and defend him, who comes up with another story that can 't even be checked, let alone verified.

4.  The client of Gloria Alred, an attorney who makes her living off sexual harassment and abuse cases, just happens to describe an offense that EXACTLY fits the criteria for legal sexual abuse.  (Way to go, coach!)

Oh, hell, who am I kidding?  There's no point even trying to oppose this rock-solid evidence.  Why, it's the proverbial perfect storm...

...of dust.

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