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Friday, December 10, 2010

Obama provides Party clown for WH Press Corps!

Doesn't want reporters to feel neglected while he goes to fancy party,
says Gibbs

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Multimillionaire Democrat Kills Tax Break for Millions of Americans!

Heckuva Job, Nancy!

Governor "Moondust"m Brown to CA Legislature: "Brace Yourselves..."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Obama says: "I expect this tax deal to improve the economy..."

"...but the GOP had to hold the American people hostage to make me do it."

Who. Writes. His. Stuff.

Monday, December 6, 2010


... You know, all us rich folk who stand on street corners...

... and for the record, yes, I have a job, and I'm starting my own business.  If anything, I'm OVERemployed.

Just underpaid.

'Cuz We All Need a Little Perspective, Now and Then...

And yes, 11C dismount sucks donkey dick.

HT: Theo Sparks

The Mind Boggles...

Democratic shill Mark Halperin thinks he knows exactly what Obama needs to get his mojo back...a little "luck" in the form of a terrorist attack or some other national tragedy.


Is there anyone — even Chris Matthews or Joy Behar — who can even imagine this scene:

— with Barack Obama standing in George Bush's place?

That kind of 'luck' we don't need... and it won't save Barack Obama.

Hey, TSA! Feel up THIS guy!

The place is such a mess of sheer death the authorities are going to try to burn it down in place rather than disarm and remove each item.

"Location, location, location..."

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Muslim Christmas Carol!

Deck the streets with burning Fiats,
Allahu-akbar, aharharhar!
Just to light the evening riots!
Allahu-akbar, aharharhar!

Semtex bombs will end all quarrel!
Allahu-akbar, aharharhar!
Peace comes from an AK barrel!
Allahu-akbar, aharharhar!

Build we now a wall so thick,
ak-a-bar, ak-a-bar! Harharhar!
Just to squash those gay folks slick!
Allahu-akbar, aharharhar!

Kill a man for making movies!
Allahu-akbar, aharharhar!
The BBC still finds you groovy!
Allahu-akbar, aharharhar!

Fatwa a man for drawing toons!
Allahu-akbar, aharharhar!
Then gripe when we call you loons!
Allahu-akbar, aharharhar!

Slit your daughters throats for virtue,
ak-a-bar, ak-a-bar! Harharhar!
Then complain we just don't getchu!
Allahu-akbar, aharharhar!

Rule 5 — Juliana Moreira!

Rule 5 -- Happy, Uh, Feet! Group Aerobics!

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