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Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of Days 4

Rule 5 — Denise Milani!

End of Days 3

Slightly Edited for Your Enjoyment

THIS is how you make a bin Laden is Dead speech...!

End of Days 2

Rule 5½ — Erich Sokol!

A Viennese editorial and political cartoonist who was run out of Austria after WWII by the Russians during the Tripartite Occupation, Sokol was hired by Hugh Hefner for the new Playboy mazagine and went on to work there until his passing in 2003.

"George! You're neglecting the other guests!"
"It's an Amtrak line.  We have plenty of time."
"Can't you just ask what day it is?"
"Dreadfully sorry, Your Grace."

"You're welcome."

End of Days 1

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fuck You Very Much, Mr. Commander-in-Chief. Sir. (16)

בואו לקחת אותם!
Whenever You're Fucking Ready... 
Israel has outlived worse than Barack Obama

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

UPDATED— Mannish Woman Who Hangs Around Dikes Implicated In School Shooting Terror Case

Rachel Maddow, the MSNBC commentator inexplicably but perhaps not entirely seriously described as "... funny, and she's just a cut above everyone else on that execrable channel," by some conservative commentators, has been implicated in the forced closing of hundreds of Broward County schools directly as a result of the misleading editorial practices of her program and network.
Maddow did a feature on the appearance of conservative talk radio host Joyce Kaufman at a July 3rd Tea Party event, decrying Kauffman's vicious, hate-filled speech about gun ownership at the rally and on the air.  The problem was, the tape was inexplicably not vicious or hate-filled enough to make Kaufman's point, so she and her network did what any responsible, professional, ethical journalists would have done.

They, um, trimmed it, y'know? Punched it up.  Spiced it up a little bit.

And boy howdy, did they.  They spiced it up so hot and hyped it so heavily that Ellisa Martinez, a Green Party member in Broward County was inspired by the spirit of civic virtue to call Kaufman's show and announce her husband had just grabbed his guns and run out the door, and that there was going to be a school shooting in support of Kaufman's edited position.  As a result, 300  Broward County schools were locked down, the 275,000 children held inside closed buildings and unable to return home.  

There was the usual rash of automatic accusations against right-wing extremists and 'teabaggers'.

This week, a grinning Martinez pled guilty to sending the threat, and is expected to receive 12-18 months against a possible 5-year maximum sentence.

There has been no discussion of the case or its conduct on MSNBC or by Maddow.  It's almost like "unapproved things unhappen," as PJ O'Rourke once put it.

UPDATE: In an exclusive statement to this blog, talk show host Joyce Kaufman states, "I have not heard from MSLSD and I am considering legal action against multiple parties who were complicit."

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All the Great Operas in 10 Minutes!

The Myth of the Hollywood Blacklist...

It didn't start with the Hollywood 10...
...who by the way, were never convicted of Communism, but were sent to prison for contempt of Congress' House Unamerican Activities Committee...
...nor was it expanded by the eeeeeevil government to pursue all of Hollywood,
as depicted in revisionist hagiographies such as Woody Allen's The Front...

Blacklisting was the AIDS of its day.  Just the hint of it could make your phone stop ringing and your industry "friends" fade away.  What is significant about the blacklist was the near absolute lack of any organized movement to stand up for the accused.  It was a self-imposed Kafka sketch for the entertainment industry.  People did not stand up for their associates even when they knew the charges were baseless.  Indeed, it's not unreasonable given the character of the business and the people involved, that many were involved in planting false charges to advance their own careers at the expense of their peers.

And keep in mind this was not for principle, but for money.  The organizations pushing the blacklist had no more legal authority to do so or power to enforce it than any other citizen or group of citizens.  The studios could have called them out.  The networks could have called them out.  The actors as an  organized body could have called them out.

But Hollywood, not HUAC, condemned its own, with or without reason, to ignomy and failure. For ticket sales and commercial spot dollars.

It's past time the industry admitted its complicity in its own ruin.

Newt: I cheated on my wives because I love America so much...!

So really, aren't we ALL to blame?
Uh, no...

Newt, when you make Chris Matthews look good, it's time to go home.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Because Progressives Am Smarter Than We Is...

How can you parody these people?

Please.  Seriously.  SOMEONE at MSNBC please explain who the hell thought it was a good idea to take the "network's"* openly lesbian commentator, your biggest audience "draw" since the departure of Keith Olbermann...

I mean, for God's sake, what could they have said in the pitch session for this ad?
"OK, guys, we need something defining for Rachel, something big, something that just reaches out to the audience and screams, 'RACHEL MADDOW!'
"I got it!  How about a HUUUUUGE..."  Sorry, even I can't got there twice.
Where the hell were GLAAD and ACT-UP! while this was going on?  Talk about your subliminal messaging...

*(Network in the sense that even though there are YouTube Channels with bigger audiences, MSNBC is on pay cable and that makes them important .  Just ask them.)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

FBI Refuses to Join NYC Terror Arrest Investigation

"Swedish Lutheran" Suspects Caught Trying to Purchase Guns, Ammo and Grenade.  Feds say 'case is weak.'

Cynthia McKinney: "Our First Afro-American President Has Shamed Us All!"

OK, first off, if anyone had told me I would EVER agree with Cynthia McKinney even THAT far...

But I think there's something wrong with her vocabulary.  When did we go back to "Afro-American?  I'm old enough to remember the progression: we started off with nigger, then we started using colored, then Negro, then black, then Afro-American, then black again, then African-American, then the, sorry, frankly pallid Person of Color....

Is the cycle breaking down through overuse?  Has the left tried so hard for so long to control the narrative that they've worn it out and it's starting to slip cogs...?

Or is the left itself simply sorry and sadly out of date and out of touch...

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