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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beloved Cartoon Character in NEW Lust Crazed Rampage!

Just days after he checked himself out of detox... rumors in Hollywood have him shopping a script with Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan... a former icon continues his sad decline.  Close associates say they saw it coming, confirming reports that the star had been running around pantsless in public since the early 1930's...

Code Pink Tells Gold Star Mother Her Son Deserved to Die in Iraq...

Well fuck me.

I do not like Meg "Zsa Zsa" Whitman.  I didn't like her spendthrift campaign, her scorning of her own party, her past associations.  I was probably going to wind up voting for her, but I didn't see her as being a whole lot better than Brown would have been.

But if Jerry Brown is taking money from THESE scum:

Then fuck Jerry Brown too.  Compared to him, Meg Whtiman is the miraculous love child of Margaret Thatcher and Mother Teresa.

I hereby endorse Meg Whitman.

Rule 5 — Denise Milani!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Howard Berman (D-28th District, CA) insults Voter's Intelligence.

Howard Berman, the 28-year Congressman who heads the House Foreign Affairs Committee, deigned to return to his district for a meeting with the Sherman Oaks Homeowner's Association.

He stood there in the corner schmoozing while the Association board talked about the squatter problem in Sherman Oaks: so many houses have been foreclosed south of Ventura Boulevard that a large squatter community has sprung up, moving into and in many cases even running businesses out of the foreclosed homes.

Sherman Oaks is one of the more upscale communities at this end of the San Fernando Valley, and south of Ventura is its more upscale end.  To have a squatter situation like that, with the accompanying increases in crime and squalor, in such a neighborhood is a telling indictment of this Administration's handling of the current economic meltdown.

Yet when Berman took the podium to speak, he seemed never to have heard a word they said.  After applauding his own vote on Obamacare, to tepid applause, he praised his own vote for the stimulus bill... the one that has done nothing to help the people of Sherman Oaks.  He repeated Obama's debunked claim of 2.8 million jobs created, while boasting of all the jobs the bill was bringing to his district through the government programs it funded... while ignoring the fact those jobs were going to exisiting state and city empoloyees who didn't live in his district.

He didn't seem to be able to pick up on the connection between the trouble people were having getting loans and the Administration's demand that the lenders start keeping larger cash reserves against what Geithner has called "a future government intervention."

He knew nothing about the judicially imposed economic and ecological disaster in the Central Valley, where hundreds of miles of farms have been destroyed by having their water turned off, and didn't seem to see why having no farms might not be a good thing for California.  He suggested that he'd heard the water had been turned on again, which is not correct, in fact, further cuts are imminent.

He thought Ahmedinijad getting the Bomb might be a bad thing, but didn't know what to do about it.

He supported the Ground Zero mosque.

He did agree to debate his GOP opponent, Merlin Froyd, which is a change from a week ago when his didn't know he had an opponent.  Berman has done virtually no campaigning in the District he has come to view as his private fief.

He supported repealing the Bush tax cuts for the upper income brackets, ignoring the fact that the people listening to him were IN the upper income brackets.

There was no sense of urgency in the man, and damned little, in my opinion, of any real interest in the concerns of his constituents.  He had nothing to say to squatters but was all over carbon credits, loves 'em.

Now for someone who treats the interests of the people with genuine passion, consider his opponent, Merlin Froyd...

Hardhats Vowing Not to Build Ground Zero Mosque!

Opposition to Muslim Victory Mosque Growing in Construction Trades

HT: Duane Buckley

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wednesday Foamy! — Special Guest Star Foamy's Cousin Pill-Z!

...rumored to have a slight amount of brain damage...

Belated Hump Day Rule 5 — Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders!

Did my Rule 5 in real life yesterday, so belated Humpday post.

Went to my favorite coffee shop for lunch.  They have a new smoothie, a banana/milk combo.  Tasty, plenty of potassium, D and calcium.

The shop owner is working the counter with the regular gal.  I order the banana smoothie, she tells the regular gal.  Then she asks me if I want whipped cream, sure I do.  

She turns around and tells the regular gal, "Whip his banana."

Silence, as Terry Pratchett wrote, except for the sound of several people thinking very fast.  At least two necks turn red. Owner lady turns back around.

"Okay," I said, "at least four off-color comments just went through my mind."

"Mine too."

"Leave it at that?"

"Yes, let's."

But I didn't order the whipped cream today.

Anyway, to make it up to you...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This gets interesting...

... according to sources involved with Chase, the feds are instructing the banks to freeze all mortgage apps and refis under the current guidelines and programs pending a major change...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Obama's Insights on the Mosque...

With visual aids...

Ten Buck Fridays — Vote for Merlin Froyd!

Help Merlin in his campaign against Democratic cog Howard Berman!


Mark Reed for Congress in Brad Sherman's 27th District!

Mark Reed with Michelle Bachmann


"It’s time to reject the Washington DC style of representation in the 27th District.
"As a lifelong San Fernando Valley resident, I pledge to represent you in Washington DC.”
Mark Reed, a descendant of the Mohawk and Apache with mixed European heritage. He is an entrepreneur, successful actor and advocate. At age 26 Mark purchased his first company, at age 28 opened a retail store and at age 32 began his third company.
"Mark served on the Screen Actor’s Guild Board of Directors, currently sits on the KCET Community Advisory Board, and is National Chairman for American Indians in Film and Television. A tireless advocate for veterans, Mark works to save the VA Sepulveda and West Los Angeles medical centers from encroachment by private sector developers.
"Mark is a fiscal conservative in favor of limited government. He will represent every member of the 27th District, regardless of political affiliation, bringing jobs, security and opportunity to the San Fernando Valley . Mark pledges to bring accountability, honesty and integrity back to Congress and will read every bill before casting your vote.
"Mark encourages every constituent to research his platform and campaign at www.markreedforcongress.com. Every voter should consider the facts. Don’t be taken in by campaign rhetoric and attack ads.
"When evaluated by his strength of character, his commitment to the district, and his position on the issues, Mark Reed is the best and only choice for a better 27th District and a better United States of America. 

Hank Williams, Jr. — Or An Incredible Simulation — The Great Reneger!

Monday, August 16, 2010

See, Jimmy-Joe-Jack-Bob...

This here's why you don't geddown from the tree-stand to pee...
 (HT: Theo Spark)

Dem Congressbitch hires goons to shut up questioners -- at public Town Hall

Ah, that wacky First Amendment....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beloved Cartoon Character in Lust Crazed Rampage!

A woman in Pennsylvania is suing Disney, alleging she was molested by famous cartoon character  Donald Duck.

If true, this represents a return to past troubling patterns of behavior for the beloved entertainer whose show biz success has been equaled only by his turbulent private life...

List of Information, Implication and Insinuation

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