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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beloved Cartoon Character in NEW Lust Crazed Rampage!

Just days after he checked himself out of detox... rumors in Hollywood have him shopping a script with Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan... a former icon continues his sad decline.  Close associates say they saw it coming, confirming reports that the star had been running around pantsless in public since the early 1930's...


Michael Lonie said...

Sorry this is off topic Richard, but a terrible thought just occurred to me. You know all those forest fires they have been having in Russia? Has anybody seen Wronwright and the Tardis lately?

richard mcenroe said...

I'm working on a series of shocking wronwright exposés.

Anonymous said...

If you thought the bosses at Disney were shocked just take a look at the expression on Mickey's face.

It's interesting that Donald didn't fly into one of his characteristic rages after finding that her heart and...umm,...er...well, it belongs to Mickey.

As for Wronwright, maybe he isn't responsible for the Russian fires. Perhaps he figured to make the best of it after the Tardis put him down in sunny Anaheim. Who's really behind the duck?

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