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Saturday, June 13, 2009


When bullying CEO's isn't a thrill anymore, move on to bullying friendly countries...

Obama Administration forgets to ask Britain if it can dump terrorists in Bermuda

"I'm a naughty President..."

And Obama said: "Mr. Homeowner, Tear Down That Wall!"

Feds may bulldozer neighborhoods to make cities cheaper to run...

Los Angeles Conservative Activist Needs Your Help! (or, a Bleg with Perks)...

Deborah Leigh, a longtime conservative activist and troop supporter in Studio City, and a good friend, just this week lost her roommate of 23 years without warning to congestive heart failure. Deborah is now facing serious financial difficulties with her rent and other prior emergency expenses. (People who've read her comments at Tim Blair and the Freep know she spent several months in the clutches of the VA with kidney failure).

To that end, I am donating all proceeds from my online store, Eagle Prints, to Deborah until such time as she is back on her feet. I invite you to visit there and chip in to help out someone who's been fighting for you for nearly eight years now. I hope you see something you like.

Rule 5-1/2

Rule 5 Saturday

Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama Policy of Exporting Terrorism Has Unexpected Result...

OK, at least by Bari al-Taqqiyah hisself:

Palau Citizens protest Terrorist Detainees

"Just because we're lava-lava wearing backwater Third Worlders doesn't mean we're fucking idiots," says large man with shark's tooth spear...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


"Michael Steele seen as leader of the GOP by just 1%" -- USA Today, 6/10/09

No, Mr. Steele, you really aren't.

Granted, it's USA Today, which is to newspapers what, well, the NYT is to newspapers. But still, has Michael Steele really made the slightest impression on this party, which is as fractious and argumentative as it has ever been since the days of Reagan?

Worse, he has done nothing to bring the differing factions together, or even shown much willingness to listen to the base on which factions to support. Instead, he has personally attacked those voices in the party who call for a new direction away from the ruinous accomodation and prodigal cohabitation that has cost us both houses and put the nation's economy on the lifesupport that Obama's healthcare reforms will make sure it can't afford.

And he has shown no indication that GOP business under his leadership will be anything other than business as usual, with our 'representatives' meekly kowtowing to their Democratic 'colleagues' solely in the hope that their personal rice bowls will go unspilled... until it is convenient for the Democrats.

He shows all the tactical savvy of a garment district schmatte-dealer who brings in mobsters to keep the workers from organizing, and then is surprised to find he's lost his business to his real enemies. He thinks that the Washington political herd is his party's hope for the future, not the Americans who vote for it, and donate to it.

He's wrong, and worse, he shows no sign he realizes he's wrong, or why.

It's time for the entrenched old-style Republicans to go, Steele and Cornyn and all their kind, if we are to make room to create a party that will save this country from the Democrats as they did in 1865.

As posted at Not One Red Cent

David Letterman Jokes About Raping 14 Year Old Girl...

...but since he fathered a child out of wedlock himself that makes him our first black talk show host and you can't criticize him.

How Do You Fix a Failed State?

Spending the taxpayers' remaining dimes regulating lunch:

California to make vegetables for children legally mandatory...

"Eatcher fukken brussells sprouts!"

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Plastic President meets Plastic Jesus...

Obama invokes Jesus more than Bush... not that he's, y'know, picked a church yet er nuthin...

"I presume they aren't counting every time He says "I" either." snarks Drew M. over at Ace of Spades (see links below).

I don't mind when he says 'Jesus'. I don't mind when he says 'I'. It's when he throws his arm around the Pieta and says 'We' that I get nervous.

Not least because of the feel he cops off the Madonna.

Anyway, MY jesus don't need no political hacks' help...

"When we scourge those moneylenders this time, they're gonna stay scourged..."

Have the Democrats Already Lost NY State?

Is this a forerunner or a fluke...

Democrats cross aisle, give GOP State Senate Majority...

...and what can the GOP do to screw this up?

Monday, June 8, 2009


California unions call for broader, steeper tax hikes to keep paying for civil service jobs.

Sacramento mulls an increase in the state income tax to 15%.

If the Republican Party had a brain in its ass, it could take back California.

It does not have a brain in its ass. There was a major Tea Party event planned for LA on the 4th of July. Local GOP leadership are now agitating to call it a "celebratory picnic" instead of a Tea Party. On the 4th of July. The anniversary of the most important 'tax protest' in Western European history.

Right. A nationwide movement with name recognition representing across the spectrum public sentiment that drives Democrats crazy. Let's get the hell away from that.

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