Operation Gratitude Care Package Weekend!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Greetings Mechwarriors, The No Guts No Galaxy community on July the (second) will be hosting the RJC Memorial, a charity live-stream to support Autistic children. We will be hosting a non-stop 24 hour live-stream hosted by our very own xImpalerx at No Guts No Galaxy starting at 7PM EDT (11pm UTC). Come early and tune in as our special guest Jordan Weisman, the father of Battletech, comes to sit in and talk the origins of Battletech and Mechwarrior. Mr Weisman has graciously pledged to stop by from 7:15 to 8:15pm EDT. Nearly every Mechwarrior knows someone suffering from, or with the patients of, this condition. We often know first hand the difficulties that it can create, and we hope to organize the fighting force of each of you into a force not only for big stompy robots, but for making a difference in the real world. All donations from the event will go to the Autism Science Foundation. ( Autism Science Foundation) Also joining us will be the voice of Mechwarrior icon “Duncan Fisher”, George Ledoux, so don't miss it as he stops by to swap shop and sit in with our casters. A veteran vocal talent and an active member of the NGNG and Mechwarrior communities in general, Mr Ledoux promises to entertain. Last but certainly not least, members of the PGI devlopment team, NGNG staff members and your favorite streamers have volunteered their time to stop in and help out, with live appearances and drops within Mechwarrior Online. It's all mechs on deck for charity, so tune in and join us for a very special Tuesday, July the second at 7pm EDT, on NGNGTV with xImpalerx, and twenty four hours of massive metal machines for a cause!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rule 5-- Kasey Musgraves Blowin' Smoke

Pistol Annies Rule 5 Hush Hush

Blake Shelton & Pistol Annies Rule 5!

List of Information, Implication and Insinuation

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