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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NOW never met a woman they couldn't exploit...

So the National Organization of Women is endorsed Jerry Brown the day after the "Whore" comment.

To who is this news. exactly?

NOW, and its sister organizations NARAL and the defunct Hollywood Women's Political Caucus, have a long and shameful history of enabling male sexual predators to advance their political agenda.

They knew about Ted Kennedy, Chris Dodd and their waitress sandwiches.

They knew about Peckerwood Bob Packwood and his prehensile tongue.

They knew about Bill Clinton's serial "bimbo eruptions."

But they never said a word.  Why?  Because these vermin said the right things in Congress, pushing NOW's political aims.

Be very clear about this.  These "women's organizations" knowingly and deliberately perpetuated the sexual victimization of real women for their hypothetical political advantage.

There's a name for women who victimize other women...but I understand Senator Boxer doesn't like to use it...


Anonymous said...

There are several names that Babs Boxer doesn't like. I'll bet the one you're refering isn't "mam'".

I'd love to know what Tammy Bruce has to say about the endorsements.

Deborah Leigh

Montana said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
richard mcenroe said...

Which has what exactly to do with NOW, beandog?

richard mcenroe said...

Note: Montana's post was deleted as being entirely off topic.

richard mcenroe said...

Deborah... actually, "madam" about covers it.

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