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Monday, April 25, 2011

EPA blocks Shell from Domestic Drilling!

(AP) The Environmental Protection Agency withholds key permits, forces Shell to abandon drilling on Alaskan coast over greenhouse gas emissions from a single ice-breaker ship, putting a $4 billion investment at risk.

Yes, Mister President, hold your oil investigations.  But you better bring a lunch.


RebeccaH said...

This administration is killing us.

Mr Mayor said...

No surprise here. $5.00/gal by Memorial Day. Riots in the streets by Labor Day?

Anonymous said...

During his last campaign when gas was around $4.00 Obama said it wasn't rising fast enough. He wouldn't be unhappy if it hit $7.00, because we'd use less. Well, Mr. President, everything from the hybrid vehicle to the phone you used to give billions of our money to Brazil to drill is based on oil. Ya know, the stuff that your grandfather and great grandfather was involved with. Oh, and those electric cars too. By-they-way, if everyone was made to drive one of those there would be blackouts. Perhaps that's your agenda. Makes us more like other parts of the world.

Deborah Leigh

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