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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Attention, Taxpayers: Los Angeles Is Closed...

Mayor Villaraigosa calls for city employees to take up to 26 unpaid vacation days to help cope with Los Angeles' financial crisis.  

Taxpayers will not be given a day off.

Exacerbating the crisis, the State government in Sacramento has begun seizing back billions of dollars paid out to local governments out of the tobacco companies' 'Rob Reiner' deal, to help forestall the state's own financial collapse, causing further financial strain for counties and municipalities.


Anonymous said...

They should start at the top with "Phony" Tony. The worst mayor in Los Angeles history. Probably in the running for worst mayor in the country. Then again, he's acting like a good Democrat starting with stealing the election, and then "running" our already burdened city down the drain. The corruption and overspending is phenomenal.

Deborah Leigh

christian soldier said...

went to Staples Center to watch the last Kings/Sharks game--
had trouble getting beck to the Valley-
lots of 'road construction'- roads closed -
1 man working 2 men standing...
our tax $$$ at work -
no this!!

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