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Thursday, August 12, 2010

F*** Tea? I have a better idea...


Bob Belvedere said...

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'I Am The LORD Thy Government...'

Anonymous said...

Uh, Richard, a little background would be helpful. Not everyone is a political junkie like you, Bob B, and I as well as some of your followers. Or for those who haven't picked this up on their radar.

Rather than vote for the ass, why don't we play dump the donkey? It's a fun game! It should be the national sport!

Bob B, I love that booming voice, but you need more New England accent. Might try tilting your head back and looking down your nose.

Deborah Leigh

Merilyn said...

Er, Richard why would you want to vote for a Jackass? Mind you, put the Australian flag on it and you will have quite a few people who vote in Australia because they have no idea of what has been happening in the last three years.
Or come to think of it, do you mean it as a "donkey" vote, where people go in and have their names crossed off, and don't actually vote?

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