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Monday, August 9, 2010

Pelosi and Democrats continue their purge of the nation's black leadership...

John Conyers -- helped his wife to deliver on deals after she accepted bribes
 — felony charges for wife and a three-year sentence

Chris Dodd -- Took $1,000,000 "mortgage" from Angelo Mozilo and Countrywide
 while on the Senate banking committee to pay for Irish "cottage" — no charges

William "Cold Cash" Jefferson — Kickback money in his fridge — 
tried and convicted

Diane Feinstein — steered between 1.3 and 3 BILLION dollars in no-bid VA 
contracts to companies she and her husband had interests in — no charges

Maxine Waters helped her husband's bank -- Charged

Barney Frank -- Slept with Fannie Mae chairman he was supposed
 to be  regulating --No charges

Charlie Rangel -- Obtained rent-controlled NYC apartments — charges pending

Nancy Pelosi — steered over $200 million in no-bid government contracts to
companies she and her family have interests in — no charges.

Something seems out of balance here.  One of these things is obviously not like the other... what oh what could the difference be?

As a white man and de facto raaaaacist, I for one welcome the Democratic Party's return to its roots, and congratulate Ms. Pelosi for her willingness to reach across the aisle.

If you're black, no slack — 
if you're white, s'alright!
Democrats — upholding a proud tradition of race relations since 1860...


Merilyn said...

Richard, from your notes above, ALL of them should have been charged, and certainly ALL should have nothing more to do with Government.

Anonymous said...

Here's another to the list of infamy...Al "never funny" Franken who seems to be "serving" as a senator though there is evidence of voter fraud. Why aren't there investigations? Why is a television station being blocked from looking at the disqualified ballots? Questions, questions, questions.

Deborah Leigh

Anonymous said...

Draining the swamp would be easier than putting a swamp of botox in your cheeks nancy! Lars

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