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Thursday, August 12, 2010

SEIU Intimidation and Harassment Outside Meg Whitman Rally

I have scant regard for Meg Whitman who I regard as one of the two "Gabor sisters" (along with Fiorina) who bought the GOP nominations for Governor and Senate this year.  But I may have to vote for the harpy if only for the enemies she makes...


Anonymous said...

The gubenatorial race in California between Meg Whitman versus Jerry Brown is the classic "lesser of two evils" scenaio. She is Jerry Brown Lite masquerading as a Republican. However, Brown's record and, the fact that he is illegally sitting as Attorney General makes him ineligible for my vote. That and he is a Democrat, which as a former Democrat I don't do.

Fiorina is a better choice than Boxer, but I'm not a fan of Fiorina either. But the dumbest woman in the Senate must go. Her shelf-life expired before she took office.

The race for Lt. Governor is also a case of "lesser of two evils". Abe Maldonado is part of the masquerade, but is vying against Gay Rights Activist/Mayor Gavin Newsome. The choice is clear.

Anyone know of a supplier for industrial sized clothes pins? Heck, I may need a gas mask.

Deborah Leigh

Anonymous said...

That guy, or more appropriately,"thug", looks like he's straight from Central Casting.

Can't have an event without thugs whether you're the thug master (Democrat candidate) or the candidate from the opposing party. Now we know what the "service" in Service Employees International Union stands for.

Deborah Leigh

Glenn Mark Cassel said...

Agreed on the lesser of two evils on both accounts. And when one is a resident of East Kern County,,,,we get overlooked.
But this internet invention is a good way to get listened to. So when Meg is in Sacramento and Carly in DC, The Old Retired Petty Officer will be laying it on thick. The power of the written word is an amazing thing.

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