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Friday, April 16, 2010

Obama Fundraiser Admits $292 MILLION Fraud.

Sorry, Hillbuzz, but your gal's just as dirty...

SEIU and every teacher's union are underfunding their pension plans but have hundreds of millions of dollars to donate to Democratic candidates.

The Obama Administration has put out so much bad paper in the T-Bill market it's forced to buy its own notes with money it prints to keep the whole house of cards from collapsing.

The Obama Administration is talking about forcibly converting our private 401k's to government "accounts" and even re-banning the private ownership of gold to bring more solid cash back into its larcenous reach.

Democrat-run cities across the country are doing everything from fiddling with home assessments to raising the price on parking meters and drinking water, to support their corrupt union voting blocs.

Obama laughs as he lies about cutting our taxes.  "Fees" and "charges" go up every day.

Let's face it: whatever poses it cares to strike, the Democratic Party is nothing but an organized criminal conspiracy against the American people.

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Anonymous said...

Your assessment of the Democrat Party being an organized criminal conspiracy is spot on. Afterall, who ever heard of a mobster voting Republican?

Deborah Leigh

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