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Monday, April 12, 2010

California Assembly Dem Candidate Runs Against Teabaggers... in his own party!

This is the flyer Democratic State Assembly Candidate Mike Gatto is sending out to thousands of voters in his district.  For the record, he is a protege of CA Dem Congressman Brad Sherman, who laughed in his constituents' faces when they asked him if he'd read the health bill before voting on it,  so you know what Mikey considers competent public service...

Gatto is running in the primary for the June special election, voting to be held tomorrow.   Give his office a call and tell them how much you admire their respect for the voters.  I'm sure they have nothing better to do for the  next day or so than talk to you...

BTW, the reason he talks about his Daily News endorsement (much the smallest of LA's two papers) is because the LA Times described the entire Democratic slate as "indistinguishable" from the Sacramento incumbents currently bankrupting the state...


Support The Troops said...

Yea this is great they are going to eat each other up

Anonymous said...

Can anyone imagine a Republican candidate using such vitriol and getting away with it? No? That's right, Republicans don't.

Tea Party people should no longer sit by and let this behavior pass. The Left needs to be taken to task whenever they pull this, which is why I called Gatto's campaign office. Sarah, his staffer that spoke in offical capacity, claimed she didn't know what "teabagger" meant. Yeah, right. When informed she found it disgusting but not enough to quit the campaign. Obviously, some people have no morales or principles. Hope it blows up in their faces.

Deborah Leigh

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say that it's too bad the print is so small in the pictures otherwise you could see the nastiness and lies. Here is one a sample, "But the far-right talk radio shows and teh Tea Baggers are working overtime to derail teh progress we are making. It's time to stand up." He accuses "Nayiri Nahabedian is running a Republican-style smear campaign against Mike Gatto...."

It doesn't matter where you live, lies and vitriol must not be tolerated.

Deborah Leigh

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