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Monday, June 28, 2010

A Serious Epitaph for Robert C.Byrd

"I never did a thing that was bad for my party
or good for my country."


Anonymous said...

You must not be from West Virginia an obviously an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, you'll have to count alot of as idiots because we hold Richard's view of this nasty piece of work formerly called Robert Byrd. Our geographical location has nothing to do with the discussion. Dishonor, racism, arrogance, dishonesty, just to name a few, are the issues. But then someone who hides their identity might not know too much about any of those. By-the-way, when are you planning to burn the cross in his memory? What do you think of a bi-racial man coming to the memorial service?

Deborah Leigh
Valley Village, CA

JeffS said...

Not to mention, Deborah, ol' Anonymous displays a very poor grasp of grammar. Clearly, this is a case of projection by Anonymous.

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