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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Robert Byrd(D.-WV) Hospitalized in Serious Condition...UPDATED:BYRD DIES

UPDATE: Robert Byrd has died. Reid and Pelosi vow to pass 'comprehensive immigration reform' to add 20 million indocumentado voters to the Dem rolls and eliminate the need for the black vote in his name. Pelosi goes on to praise the impending dissolution of the Congressional Black Caucus as a victory for Congressional ethics.
Byrd Mourners Flock LA Streets
The Klan recruiter, filibusterer of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, longtime GOP scold, and, face it, the moral center of the Democratic Party, has been hospitalized for the past week in serious condition from unspecified causes.

The 92 year old Kleagle, whose job in the Klan was to recruit angry Southern Democrats to burn down black churches, business and schools, is to date the longest-serving member of Congress in either house, with more stuff named after him than Jack Murtha and Charlie Rangel combined.

Unconfirmed sources report that Byrd is despondent at the thought he may have little time left to help further shred the Constitution, and has reportedly asked Reid and Pelosi to "do something about that damned 13th Amendment"  for him in the event the worst happens.


smitty1e said...

The update is an improvement.
While I agree with roughly 0% of Byrd's record, I'm trying to strike a neutral tone.
RSM may do otherwise, of course.

Jersey McJones said...

I can't imagine anyone being ignorant enough to oversimplify Byrd, the Democrats, the Civil Rights Act, modern and mid-20th century conservatism v. liberalism, or the senators record on constitutional matters in such a childish, amateurish, pubescent way. Amazing. Are you actually a grown man?


Merilyn said...

We just had breaking news here in Australia that he has passed away.

richard mcenroe said...

Please tell me how you oversimplify a Klan recruiter who wrote he would rather see the country fall than serve alongside a black soldier, and who filibustered the Voting Rights Act until he literally couldn't speak anymore. Please. Tell me.

Or perhaps we should give David Duke the same break? After all, he's an ex-Klansman too...

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