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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Eight Knives, One Nation's Back, No Waiting...

(graphic courtesy of No Sheeples Here! -- see blogroll below)

Eight So-called Republicans voted in favor of the economic destruction of the United States in the House yesterday. They need to be stripped of their committees, their seniority and our financial support. Let them follow Arlen Specter into ignominious failure.

Forty-four 44 Democrats voted against cap and trade. Without these eight RINO's it would have FAILED in the House.

Forty-four Democrats are smarter or more principled than you. That's a sad, sad political epitaph...

Here's what they look like, if you ever get lucky with a pie... or in an intersection..

Mary Bono Mack

Mike Castle
SPECIAL BONUS FEATURE: Wants to be a Senator!

Mark Kirk
SPECIAL BONUS FEATURE: Wants to Be a Senator!

Leonard Lance

Frank LoBiondo

John M. McHugh

WASHINGTON, June 2 (UPI) -- President Barack Obama reached across the party aisle Monday to nominate nine-term Rep. John McHugh, R-N.Y., as secretary of the U.S. Army

"Today, I am proud to announce John McHugh as the next secretary of the Army," Obama said when presenting McHugh as his choice.

TBL -- It takes a special kind of stupid to be a Republican in an Obama administration...

Dave Reichert

Chris Smith

I recommend faxing or mailing each and every one of these losers Carol's great graphic...

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Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Three Beers! Luv your blog!
Don't worry, I"ll be voting against that RINO mark kirk....and he'll never get my vote for the senate. I am really getting sick of living in IL, not to mention Chicago. All these 8 were from blue states, so what do you expect.

PS: I have found there is not enuf beer I can drink to make things look better these days.

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