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Friday, July 31, 2009

Rule 5 -- Extreme Bikini False Advertising

Look, folks, the Swedish Bikini Team are undeniable icons of the undress-for-success movement, to whom every redblooded Western male owes his gratitude, respect and (pending the restraining order) affection.

BUT LOOK AT THE PICTURE BELOW. I ask you, DO YOU SEE ONE FREAKING BIKINI IN EVIDENCE? Sure, there's a honking big Swedish flag which the ladies seem to be having some trouble managing, BUT NOT ONE FREAKING BIKINI! This is BLATANT misrepresentation and MUST BE STOPPED.

Worse, I have it on good authority that many of these girls ARE NOT EVEN SWEDISH. So that flag has to go, too!

The time to act is now!


Bob said...

False advertising at it's worst...I mean best...I mean "Yea boobs!"

Anonymous said...

I'd say that this calls for an on site inspection.....


richard mcenroe said...

Agreed. I'll notify the UN and have Hans Brix deployed. Was that what you had in mind?

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