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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Rod Serling Moment for the Day...

Walking to work.  Crossing the street.

Large truck waiting at the crosswalk.

As I walk in  front of the truck I suddenly stop dead and say to myself, "Some idiot is going to try to dart around this truck and take the corner."

THAT INSTANT, an old dude comes zooming around the blind side of the truck... in a white Dodge Dart.


How am I supposed to get a whole episode out of that...?


Anonymous said...

What Richard doesn't tell you, dear readers, is that he feels that this portends ill events since all Irish prophecies always do that. However, he forgot the American aspect. So I think that he was saved for some big reason, say blogging...or something else (wink wink).

Deborah Leigh

richard mcenroe said...

Like I said, ill portents...

Anonymous said...

"Like I said, ill portents..."

Someone, I don't remember who (/sarc), counseled not to buy trouble. ;-)

Deborah Leigh

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