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Friday, December 18, 2009

Rule 5 -- The Women of Curling...

Because there's just something about a dame in a bulky parka...

Because t

Photos by Bob Cowan of Curling Today


Anonymous said...

Ya gotta love any sport where the crucial element is "touch"!

Bob Cowan said...

Photos by Bob Cowan, stolen from Curling Today, without permission.

But you show good taste.

More at skipcottagecurling.blogspot.com

richard mcenroe said...

Thank you for the notice. I appreciate your asking me not to take the post down. As anyone who reads this blog has probably figured out, I'm a big fan of "fair use"; that said, fair use is free speech but using someone's stuff if they ask you not to is just being an ass.

I added your link info and credits to the post proper and my links bar below.

richard mcenroe said...

Actually, curling is a surprisingly intense sport to watch. I got completely caught up in a Canadian broadcast of match last week, which inspired this post.

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