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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Rule 5 Special Offer!

My laptop done went and died on me.  I'm typing this on a little tiny borrowed Asus EEE and looking like a Russian circus bear on a tricycle as I type it.  Best case, I gotta replace the hard drive.  Worst case, might be "cheaper" to just buy a whole new laptop.

Either way involves cash I don't have right this moment.  Now at this point, I could just flat-out bleg (Hit the Tip Jar to Save the Three Beers Later Experience!)  and if you want to I sure won't say no, but as an eeeeevile conservative I feel honor-bound to put my faith in market forces first.

For a limited time only I'm  offering  autographed copies of my epic graphic novel The Invisible Dirty Old Man, for just $5.00 each and $2.85 shipping and handling.

Based on my screenplay for the epic movie that never got produced because the wannabe producers never told their wives what they were doing, The Invisible Dirty Old Man addresses those two universal questions, "What would you do if you knew no one could see you?" and "Does sex make you stupid?"

From the Amazon listing, where by the way used copies of this title are going for $34.95...
"Full color graphic novel with artwork by Brazil's outstanding Sequential Artists studio! The original Invisible Man's last living descendant, a dweebish science prof at a no-neck junior college inherits his ancestor's notorious formula and life on campus and around becomes extremely clothing-challeneged! Broad, bawdy comedy in the tradition of "Animal House" and "Benny Hill!""

And some reviews:

By kilmore@earthlink.net (Los Angeles, CA)
I was amazed at the super rich colors and terrific drawings done on heavy weight supergloss paper. I hope all comics look like this in the future. A multilayered treatise reminiscent of early Stan Lee. Bottom line: my senses were titillated; yet my morals were not offended.

"...nicely drawn fun, with lots of cheesecake." -- Bud Plant Comic Art
"Recommended Reading!" -- Parsec, the Canadian Science Fiction Magazine
By A Customer
The Invisible Dirty Old Man was a scream. It's definitely good for a lot of laughs -- and almost as many trips to the bathroom. I'm getting in line for the movie Now!

Truth in advertising:  while the movie would have been an 'R', the graphic novel itself is effectively  PG-13. 

 So help a vast right-wing conspirator out here, willya?  It's the cheapest way going to piss off a social con!  Do it for America! Do it for the First Amendment!  Do it for Juliana Moreira and Denise Milani!  Do it for a bigger hard-drive!  And do it today!

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Anonymous said...

"Russian circus bear on a tricycle"? I love it! Trust me folks, it's a great analogy. Blog on, Teddy!

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