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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rupert Murdoch Endorses Immigration Amnesty?!

No surprise here:  Look at the rogue's gallery he's associated with:  Hewlett Packard,proud exporter of embargo'd technology to Iran under Carly Fiorina, Mayor Bloomberg of NYC, the food nazi whose war on transfats has led to charity kitchens throwing away tons of food meant to help the homeless in the middle of a derecession, Boeing,still trying to claw that  tanker contract  back from Airbus.  Plenty of folks who wouldn't mind making nice nice with an Administration free with the checks and happy to hold a grudge.

Rupert Murdoch has never been shy of cozying up with distasteful political movements, as witness his censorship of his own author at his own publishing house, Random House, to curry favor with the red Chinese government.  And for all that Fox has been embraced by conservative mainstream America, it has never been the rightwing bastion that its detractors paint it, as anyone who has ever dealt with Fox/KTTV in Los Angeles can testify.

Portrait of the Media Plutocrat as Ragpicker, 2010

Although Murdoch himself is as much of a transnational plutocrat as George Soros, he is, as he has always been, a businessman, a tradesman, a merchant.  He follows the money.  If pedophilia tested well with focus groups, Cardinal Law of Boston would be hosting Fox News Sunday and Dennis Leary would be playing a wise-ass gay priest cleverly outwitting clueless parents to get at the altar boys.  Right now the money for Fox News is on the American right,but the money in DC is with the globalist left.  It's naive to expect Rupert won't chase both.

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Merilyn said...

Ah yes, Rupert Murdoch, his prefered PM in Australia was Rudd, over John Howard. Wonder how he feels now that Rudd has been "shafted"?
Come to think of it probably not the least bit upset.

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