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Monday, July 12, 2010

Proud Republican Candidate Meg Whitman Endorses Illegal Immigration...

...but only in Spanish:

She's also running Spanish language TV commercials with the same message.
Meanwhile her street teams are attending GOP meetings and handing out English-language fliers touting Whitman's opposition to illegal immigration.

She's not even trying to hide her contempt for the GOP and its voters. Hope she picks up enough latino votes to make up for the ones who are going to stay home...


Bob Belvedere said...

Linked to at:
Is California A Lost Cause?

SBB_InsideTheShoe said...

I will still end up voting for Whitman for the sole purpose of keeping career failure/politician Jerry Brown out of office. I already pay enough in taxes and things are already shitty enough here as it is.

richard mcenroe said...

Thing is,Whitman will just be a Brown the GOP gets blamed for.

Anonymous said...

SBB, what evidence do you have that Whitman will keep your taxes down? I was all ready to hold my nose and begrudgingly vote for her even though I detest this woman, but now that she put up the billboard....Whitman is a liar who bought the nomination. She is so deceitful that "RHINO" doesn't apply. Make no mistake, she is a Progressive. Let the Democrats put a fork in California. Then the GOP can come to the rescue.

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