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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I am waiting for a confirmation I hope will come through on the Obama Quote, but I have run into several sources claiming it is an urban legend/fabrication.  Therefore I am withdrawing the post pending said verification.

One thing is already clear in all this: I screwed up.  I had one fact, that of Obama's reprehensible insurance proposal, and on that basis I assumed the accuracy of a second statement without confirming its accuracy myself.  I could do a lot of weasel-wording here, talking about 'truthiness' or 'fake but accurate' but regardless of my personal beliefs as to whether or not Obama is capable of making such a statement, regardless of whether I get that confirmation at this point, I did not do my homework here, and for that I apologize to my readers.  Do better next time.

However, the Obama proposal to have veterans pay for war wounds out of their own personal insurance is absolutely real.


JorgXMcKie said...

Where does this come from? There's no link.

Glenn Mark Cassel said...

With JorgXMcKie on this. Where is a link. I need to send it to my congress critter so he can vent on the CinC and the rest of those ComDems.

kc said...

Might be what he thinks he might do, but MOST Soldiers and Sailors and Marines I knew didn't HAVE private insurance. Active Duty coverage is far superior to anything else. Some people pay for outside coverage for dependents because they see treatments as inferior, too difficult to access, don't like the lady at the front desk, whatever silly reason people have...but MOST of us did not and do not have separate insurance to charge for "service-related" injuries.

Every time he opens his mouth, BarryO proves to me that I'm more informed and actually smarter than he is.

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