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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Great Moments in Democratic Civility (1) -- FDR Crushes the Veterans!...Um, never mind...

Note:  As pointed out in the comments, it was Hoover who crushed the veterans.  I have to embrace my Biden moment.  You would think I'd remember Hoovervilles.... TBL


Anonymous said...

Bet they don't teach that in history classes. Tanks in DC! Tolerance seemed to be AWOL.

It's Sarah's fault. Or Rush's, or Sean's, or Bill's. Or, lest we forget, GW's and Cheney's.

Deborah Leigh

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they dont teach it in History class nitwit. That's because it NEVER HAPPENED. President HOOVER (R) ordered Gen MacArthur to clear out the marchers. Ever the dutiful fascist, MacArthur defied these orders and attacked and burned the marcher's camp and dwellings. When he heard the news of theis idiocy, and of the resulting PR disaster, FDR was so shocked he could barely speak. Then he said simply, "They have handed me the election".

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