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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rule 5 -- Barbara Eden!


Minicapt said...

For backup materiel: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/beersongs/id406663354?mt=8


Anonymous said...

My sister and I met Hayden Roarke (Dr. Bellows), Larry Hagman, Bill Daily, and guest star Michael Ansara when they were filming in Hawaii where we lived. The director didn't like two teenage girls drooling over Michael (he didn't mind)...well, one at least, so he ejected us. But we stood at the fence and watched. Mr. Roarke came over from time to time, and when the shoot move to the Ilikai he let us know. He shepherded us all afternoon, telling us how different tricks worked. Mr. Roarke even made sure we had lunch money. He rebuffed my offer to pay the sum back the following day by saying it should be put in the collection plate at church. Many years later when I was appearing in a show in California and was pleasantly surprised that he showed up backstage. He was amazed that I would remember since so much time had passed. He didn't remember. Sadly, Mr. Roarke has passed away, but his kindness will always be remembered.

Deborah Leigh

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