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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Number of Tax-Paying Households in America Wildly Overstated...

By now we've all heard the statistic that some 45% of American households pay no Federal tax.  But there's one thing I haven't seen mentioned:

Government in this country employs the heads of more households than agriculture, manufacturing and retail combined.  

That means of that remaining "productive" 55% of taxpayers, easily more than half could be paying their "taxes" with money given to them by the government, taken from the other taxpayers.

So in effect, the actual wealth the government is extracting from the private economy is being paid by perhaps one-quarter to one-third of American households...

NOTE:  This is not meant as an attack on those government employees who pay their taxes in a timely and lawful manner.  I'm simply pointing out that the money they pay their taxes with was already in the government's coffers to begin with.


Anonymous said...

You mean the money they're supposed to pay in taxes, but don't:

PacRim Jim said...

Who needs the productive sector?
Who needs private enterprise?
Who needs freedom?
Who needs America?

richard mcenroe said...

Now, anonymous, I'm sure most... many... some... Paco pays his taxes according to the law...

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