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Monday, May 16, 2011

Because Progressives Am Smarter Than We Is...

How can you parody these people?

Please.  Seriously.  SOMEONE at MSNBC please explain who the hell thought it was a good idea to take the "network's"* openly lesbian commentator, your biggest audience "draw" since the departure of Keith Olbermann...

I mean, for God's sake, what could they have said in the pitch session for this ad?
"OK, guys, we need something defining for Rachel, something big, something that just reaches out to the audience and screams, 'RACHEL MADDOW!'
"I got it!  How about a HUUUUUGE..."  Sorry, even I can't got there twice.
Where the hell were GLAAD and ACT-UP! while this was going on?  Talk about your subliminal messaging...

*(Network in the sense that even though there are YouTube Channels with bigger audiences, MSNBC is on pay cable and that makes them important .  Just ask them.)


Anonymous said...

It's easy to parody so called progressives, but the problem is that the joke gets old after awhile. It's like listening to a folk singer...there are only a few cords, and the words are easy to remember.

It's surprising that she isn't doing a clinched fist salute. One of the hippies we oppose at our Friday rally actually gave me one of those. It's always 1968 with them. Power to the people, baby. He wasn't amused the salute was returned and I pointed to myself. Power to the people, baby...and that means us.

Deborah Leigh

Minicapt said...

They actually wanted to pose her in front of a Dick, but at the location they chose was Kim Il-Sung, not R.M. Nixon.


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