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Thursday, August 4, 2011

41 Other States to Pay for Massachusetts Health Care...!

...an obscure provision in Obamacare calls for the outlay of $1.4 billion to Massachusetts hospitals, to be paid for out of other states' Medicaid...

"I can fix the economy, too! 
I just need to find 41 other countries to pay for it!"

THANKS MITT! Damn good thing Romneycare pays for itself, eh?


Anonymous said...

Not surprising that the Democrats put that clause in. It's what they think "United States" means.

Hopefully, the states will stand up and opt out. Hey, wait. Doesn't that sound like the old hippie expression, "tune in, drop out". Finally, a cause it was meant for. It would look good on a bumper sticker...with a little tweeking.

Deborah Leigh

Radish said...

Why only 41? Which states got exemptions?

Glenn Mark Cassel said...

The Commie ones got exemptions.
The SNIC and Romney, twin sons of different mothers.

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